Wednesday, November 21, 2018

ZOYA Pixie Dust "Arabella" Niuton Chavez Felix

Last January I discovered I loved glitter. Then came February and I discovered I loved pink on my nails.  March came and I went green. Then on April I went back to pink with a lovely fuchsia from Nubar.
glam nail polish pink nail polish on men niuton chavez felix
Now for May I had been pondering on getting some glitter again and lo and behold I discovered ZOYA Pixie Dust “Arabella”. It has a wonderful textured finish. There were many firsts for me with this experience. It was my first time trying out ZOYA nail polish. It was my first time trying out textured nail polish. And it was my first time wearing nail polish without a top coat. Turns out wearing this nail polish is something totally different. First of all, you don’t need a base-coat. Just file and prep your nails with some primer. The texture and polish formula adheres to the nail as if you applied a rubberized base-coat. There is also no need for a top coat unless you want a glossy finish which eventually kills the textured effect. I personally do not like crackle textured nail polish finishes, but this texture I absolutely fell in love with.
zoya arabella pixy dust men painting their nails
The textured finish is amazing, just like in the pictures, it resembles and almost feels exactly like the shoe or the ornament in the pictures.
The color is a purple base with saturated bright pink glitter. This is a very intriguing nail polish. You won't grow tired of staring at it, it has a wow factor to it. Pixie dust comes in a variety of colors and I have already picked 5 different shades. I would label “Arabella”  as a “superglam”. It is very hard to dress it down. I mean you can wear it with anything you want, but It screams red carpet, it would be perfect for prom. Just two coats will do just fine for full coverage. 

men painting their nails
It has taken some abuse and the polish stays on. I thought that because of the glitter or the textured finish it would not last me more that 3 days, but It has endured more than 8. I have my nails a little longer than usual and even with a bit longer tips and the regular abuse I give them I am happily surprised that it has lasted so long. I even broke an edge of my thumb nail and it did not affect the polish. it stayed on the rest of the nail flawlessly, no cracking. I will give ZOYA “Arabella” a 5 bottle rating. It is my new favorite. Until next time, Happy polishing! #Niuton Chavez Felix

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Am I transgender? Why am I transgender? what is the root cause of gender dysphoria? Everybody is transgender, but not everybody has gender dysphoria.

Hello my fellow web surfers and blog readers. It has been a while since my last post.

Not much new to talk about regarding nail polish, that is why I just stopped blogging on the subject a couple of years ago. I mean there's only so much I can write about nail polish,  It is all cyclical.  New colors come and go, and everything gets recycled. I never intended this blog to be a review blog or anything like that. I also got busy with some work projects. I still wear nail polish if you were wondering.
Nevertheless, although not directly related, I have been thinking on posting on a subject that has come up recently. I have been going thru some changes in the way I dress over the last several years and some people have questioned now, because of the way I present myself, if I am transgender, transitioning, or if I am gender non conforming or what is going on with me. It is so obvious, I don't even know why people ask, because we are all transgender, it's just that not all of us have gender dysphoria, but anyway, as far as I am concerned, I am YIN energy, and as such, I am attracted to female energy, that is women, female forms, and I like things and activities considered women's stuff, in short, all things feminine. I thought I would share my experience over the last several years so people can understand more about themselves or help other people understand others like me thru my personal awareness. There has been a lot of talk over the infamous bathroom bills. The deaths of many people who take their life or are murdered because they are misunderstood. The bigotry and phobia that proliferates like fire and that sadly, it is more detrimental to those who have it than those who are on the receiving end, they just don't know it. Everything comes back at you. Ignorance is like a cancer for humankind.
Everything I will write about, I will try to do with a secular point of view as much as possible.
I will start by saying that I am a highly spiritual human being, spiritual is not synonymous of religious by the way. Many people who question me, who look at me today say, "you look so different than four years ago, ¿What happened to you?" The answer is simple, “I woke up”. I have come to understand that “I am an agent of change”, and that is why I decided to share my experience and truth on this topic. Now you may not believe or agree with  many things I will write down about this subject, but this is not about beliefs, it is about awareness, truth and acceptance of your true self. Your “invisible me” does not have to be hidden. You need not bow to anyone, nor fear anyone because nobody has power over you. Stand with your head high and challenge the norm. Be true to your nature and understand why you are like you are and accept yourself.  I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, not just disregarding my words, but proving me wrong with actions and evidence. Having said that, the first thing I will talk about, are the norms.
men wear nail polish now

Norms are patterns of standardization, especially in social behavior, but not limited to it. These standards are not supported by anything scientifically proven. They are only perceptive and expected.
The word norm, from the Latin "norm" means "rule" or "precept" which in turn means order or mandate imposed or established by an authority. Norms should not be confused with laws, which are legal norms and are also established by an authority. We have to follow the law, whether we like it or not. If we don't like a certain law, we have to take action to change it or else go live somewhere else. And until that happens, we have to follow the laws humankind creates because it is the collective will. The difference between human laws and norms lies in the fact that as humans, we create laws to provide protection and security to the individual or group, but we also create norms that do not provide any kind of protection, and are also detrimental. It is as simple as that.
This is why they are called "traffic and transportation laws," "commerce laws," "labor and social welfare laws," or "health laws." Laws protect, norms do not provide any kind of protection.
They teach us that we must adhere to social norms, and that these norms are the unwritten rules that people should follow for better coexistence, they tell us which behaviors, tasks and activities the human being must adhere to. The set or system of norms, rules or duties that regulate the actions of individuals with each other, is what we call the “moral code”. Morality, on the other hand, is based on religions and these in turn, are based on scripture that these religions consider sacred. These writings are plagued with ego and arrogance. Even though parts of those scriptures are of divine inspiration, they were discerned and distorted by a fellow human being. The creator of everything, the almighty, omnipresent and omniscient, lacks ego since it is pure consciousness. Ego is a human trait, it is not divine. Where there is ego, there is no truth. The laws of nature such as magnetism, gravity or polarity, for example, lack ego. Nature is one of the highest expressions of the creator of everything. If you want to look at the creator of everything, just look at nature, because nature is the reflection of the creator's mind. It stares us in the face everyday, we just don't look at it. It is not just the sky and the earth, it is also your fellow human being, your pet or the whole animal kingdom.
What is considered "normal" is everything that adheres to the "norms". And the norms go against the laws of nature. Let me explain further with an example.
Normal people do not question anything, they are controlled or manipulated easily. That is why many people are uncomfortable with people who are not normal, as they see them as a threat when they feel that their status quo is under siege. A normal person does not take risks and has limited vision, since he or she does not see beyond where they tell them to look. Normal people do not look outside the box, much less act outside the box. Normal people do not discern, they just execute the norms without questioning them. A normal person is a person who relinquishes his or her will for the benefit of others. If we want to know the truth, we just need to observe nature. Mother nature is not governed by norms, it is governed by laws, the laws of nature. Only the creator of everything knows how everything works. Only the creator is the one who possesses the truth, the rest are mere details.
So having said this, In the hope you understand my point of view, you don't need to agree with it, but if you comprehend where I am coming from, that will be a good step forward. Question everything, challenge everything and look for the truth, your truth, the truth that is within you, search for the truth from the inside out, not from the outside in. And in the sake of coexisting, let's leave religion out of this. Instead, let's look at this with ethics, let's look at it from a secular point of view. When we use ethics, we can be compassionate, and when we have compassion, only then, can we have empathy.

When we empathize with our fellow human beings, we can understand, and with understanding comes acceptance, and with acceptance, our fears dissipate. We only fear what we don't understand, fear is ignorance. We only fear the unknown. Knowledge becomes wisdom once you validate it, and wisdom mitigates all fears and pain. Living ethically is very easy, you just need to ask yourself before any action you take; would I like this for myself? That is it! For every action, there is a reaction. That is what ethics is all about. The worst thing we can do, is be tolerant because tolerance is like holding you breath under water. Sooner or later, you will have to come up for air. Tolerance is not acceptance, it is just looking the other way. When we tolerate, we cannot accept. When we tolerate, we are just waiting for the first opportunity to either strike back or take down whatever we tolerate. Tolerance sooner or later breaks down, acceptance does not break down because acceptance is understanding. We can accept, and not agree, and that is fine. Acceptance is not agreement, acceptance is just knowing what is truth and separating it from belief. We accept that racism and bigotry are inexcusable behaviours, because we know racism is real, it is a truth, we may not agree with it, but we know it's real and we accept it exists in the mind. We can be accepting and not agree. We need to use common sense and logical discernment.
So demand your legislative representative to think, and act ethically, with compassion and secularly, demand it, because the constituents tax dollars are paying their salary, you are their boss so let your voice be heard. And if you don't like what your representative is doing, get out and make a change, make a difference, take action, be an agent of change, don't wait until somebody does it for you, run for office or vote to make a change or campaign for somebody that represents your interests, but do not be passive.  Don't wait for change, make it happen. Anybody can believe in anything they wish, so as long as it does not interfere with the beliefs of others. Citing morality or religion to create laws is flawed. And I say this touching on the so called bathroom bills many states are creating. It is sad to see that many legislators, and you know who they are, are non secular and cite religious beliefs and not evidence. They forget that your rights end when the rights of others begin. Kindness never fails. Ethics never fails. Secularism never fails.

About “gender dysphoria” or being “transgender” or “gender non conforming”.

I am not going to go into the what is being transgender or what is transgenderism, the last is wrong to use and it is mostly a term used by the religious establishment. There are terabytes of information on the subject and I don't want to be redundant on the differences of sexuality vs. gender identity or gender expression vs. assigned sex we are born into, etc. Instead of giving an explanation of what is, I will dive into the why aspect. There has been documented history thru literary art and paintings that has been around for thousands of years depicting and describing transgender people. As I stated before, with understanding, comes acceptance. We fear what we ignore. That is why most of humanity is living in fear. IGNORANCE IS HUMANKIND'S CANCER, AND IT IS DESTROYING US.
I will dissect every and each of the terms used to try to explain the why part, not the what is. Sexuality is tied to polarity and our polarity is fixed, I will get into that at the end. Gender expression is mutable, it changes constantly, it is also mental and normative. Gender identity is in our soul, it is also mutable, because it changes over existence experiences. Our Sex is fixed, because even though we can change our body appearance with hormones and surgeries, we can not change our chromosomes from XX to XY and vice versa, at least not yet. Of course there are exceptions when the SRY gene acts differently. There is also XX intersex and XY intersex, but as you can clearly see, the constant is still XX or XY, meaning male intersex or female intersex, one will dominate.

About gender identity.

First of all, we need to understand, that we are not our bodies and that we don't only exist once. We need to accept this first and foremost. Remember, acceptance is not agreement. We are all spiritual beings experiencing human form. If you are a religious person of any judeo-christian faith, just read between the lines of John 11:25 “I am the resurrection and the life” “The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”.
What those words are telling us, is reincarnation, it is telling us that death does not exist, it is telling us that even though you think you die, you only change to another form of life. So no, life does not end, ever, it just transforms and recycles. The Egyptians knew about this long before John 11:25 was written. So, putting that aside, we are recycled souls in different bodies.
Now let's talk about the soul. Our soul is a formless registry of our past experiences. When we are born into our bodies, past experiences are deeply stored within our soul. Our soul is not our mind. Our incorporeal self is composed of three elements, our soul, our spirit and our mind. They are three different things that together let us experience existence as we know it. Our spirit is the divine connection with our creator, our mind is divided in two parts, the lower mind and the higher self or higher mind. The lower mind is the part that controls our five physical senses, our physical bodies and our rationale. Our higher mind on the other hand is what gives us access to our divinity, to cosmic consciousness. It is only when we align our lower mind with our higher self that we can achieve enlightenment, what Buddhists call Nirvana.
So, with each existence we experience, we have memories that are stored deep within our souls, but sometimes not so deep. One example of this is when children as young as three or four years old start to play violin, drums or the piano like a virtuoso without ever taking a lesson before. The explanation for that is that they still have a late memory stored in their soul and they naturally just start playing an instrument that they dominated in a previous existence. Another example is when a child suddenly remembers how he or she died in the previous existence or even who murdered him or her and where he or she was buried. There have been many psychological hypothesis regarding why a person is transgender, but most of these are flawed and deal with adult transgender persons and they fail to understand why a child as young as three years old identifies as transgender. The answer is quite simple really, it is the same as with the child that remembers how to play a musical instrument or that remembers how he died. At present time, we are experiencing the embodiment on this earth of very advanced souls that have the ability to tap into their sub-consciousness in a very natural way, thus remembering and identifying as their previous existences. Have you ever wondered why some people are scared out of their wits of some animals like dogs or snakes? Well, same answer applies here too, they most probably had an unfortunate experience with dogs or wolves or snakes in a previous existence that when confronted by an animal in this existence, it triggers the memory and thus the phobia. Same with fear of the ocean, fear of heights etc. Of course not all transgender persons can be explained like this, but the vast majority can be. If we are recycled souls born into human bodies, then with every existence, our memories will be stored in our soul. And if for example, we have had, just to throw in a number, one thousand existences, and of those thousand, seven hundred of them have been as women, than those memories will be stored. More memories as a woman than as a man will give you more appreciation of things associated with women. That is what gender identity is, so it is mutable, it can change over existences, the more you experience human form as a female, the more you identify as a woman and the same can be said of a woman who has has more previous existence experiences as a man in the sense that she will like more manly things. Many people know this within themselves, but are afraid to accept it because they fear judgement and they don't understand why they have these feelings. Throw into the mix the norms, religion and morality and you get the picture. They often even reject it or do the opposite to reaffirm to themselves or to society what they want to project because it is expected of them. An example of this is a person who is born male to this existence but has many previous existences as female and even though in this existence that male has an inner female identity, which we all have by the way, that male represses it acting the male part as what societal norms dictate, sometimes with excess, maybe bulking up, playing rough sports like football or going hunting of fishing, when in reality, that male person would like to garden or sew or cook. Not that sewing or gardening activities are exclusive to females, but in many instances, especially normative, are seen as such. There is also the mental part of it. Normativity is expected, thus, we are conditioned to act a certain way depending on how we are born. The typical notion that  boys climb on trees and girls don't or boys wear blue and girls wear pink is an example. All of that is mental programing. Bigotry, racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, they are all mental programs that are learned in this existence or previous existences.

For the sake of comprehension, we can view our bodies as the components of a desktop computer. The RAM (random access memory) is the memory of our current existence. Once we disconnect the computer or shut it down, if we don't save our work to the hard disk drive, it is lost forever. So in this comparison, the hard drive is our soul. We can upgrade the CPU, RAM, mainboard and monitor as well as keyboard and mouse but if we keep our hard drive, we keep all our programs. The CPU (central processing unit) is our brain. The operating system is our mind. So like a computer, you will do as you are programed. That is precisely why TV Shows used to be called TV Programs. Those shows program people to act a certain way. Like a computer, you also have an I/O (input/output) system. Your input system are your five senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Your output system is your speech. It is all processed in your brain (your CPU) and regulated by your mind. Your mind is not your brain, your mind is the process that regulates energy and information, the mind is your software, your operating system, it can be upgraded thru knowledge and wisdom, the brain is just hardware. The mainboard is like your body, it has all sorts of connections and peripherals, your limbs are your peripherals. I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. The main difference between a desktop computer and yourself, is that a computer has to be deprogrammed (formatted) and reprogrammed by an external source, mainly a human, the human mind on the other hand can be deprogrammed and reprogrammed by itself.  It is called evolution.  That is how I explain gender identity and the other mental aspects like phobias, racism, etc.  It is very important to understand that many programs are carried over from one existence to the next, we just need to be aware of this in order to deprogram or delete  what is no longer useful or what is obsolete or detrimental to our evolution so we can reprogram ourselves.

About our sexuality.

To comprehend our sexuality, we must take into consideration incarnation as a variable. When the almighty supreme consciousness creates life, it creates a never ending stream of light that once it is created, it starts a never ending morphing process. Once life is created, it never ends, it only transforms. It starts a journey that will inevitably return to the source that created it to start a new cycle. Saying life ends, is like saying that the creator, that supreme almighty consciousness, dies. Again, look at John 11:25. This stream of light and spirit over its infinite existence accumulates different forms and continually transforms. For the sake of understanding, we can compare that light to the light that a star releases when it is created. That light, has several streams of light emanating from the same source. If we isolate just one of those billions of streams of light, we can see how one stream divides into multiple streams that emanate from that one stream. Kind of like we see in a grape vine, or in our neurons. Remember, we have to look at nature as the template of life, everything is the same, just in different form.

Every one of those streams, is created with a certain polarity, which is either yin or yang, feminine or masculine, which are just different kinds of vibration frequency. This is where twin souls come from. Also called twin flames. The law of polarity states that like spirits attract to each other. Contrary to what many people think, opposites do not attract. Opposites repel. Similars attract. When we find people that are like minded, we feel attracted to them, not in a sexual way of course, but in a like minded form, we are attracted to their good vibes also or their bad vibes if you are like that. Criminals attract more criminals and saints attract more saints. Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who what you are like. So once that stream of life starts experiencing different forms of existence, the vessel changes, but the inner spirit does not. Once you are yin (feminine) or yang (masculine) you will always and forever be that polarity and you will always be attracted to other energy forms that are the same polarity. So, understanding that, gives us a clearer picture of what sexuality really is. Yes, it is true that people are born a certain way that can not be changed and that conversion therapy does not work. Conversion therapy done on any human has the same results as trying to change a living male DNA strand to a female DNA strand on the fly. It is like trying to win a battle against nature, it simply will not happen. It would be arrogant and stupid to think we can beat nature at its own game. So how does sexuality work? Sexuallity, in nothing more than polarity. We are naturally attracted to the same polarity. It is fixed.
The variable, are the bodies we occupy when experiencing existence in this plane. If we are yang polarity (male polarity spirit) and we are born into a male vessel (male body) then we will be attracted to the same polarity. That does not mean you will be exclusively gay because you are yang in a male body, it just means, you can be attracted to a man if you are a man as long as  both of you are the same polarity, you just need to accept this truth. But at the same time, you can also be attracted to a woman that is also yang. We are talking about sexuality here, not gender identity. What this means, is that as far as human experience is concerned, we are pansexual by nature. The only thing that keeps us from fulfilling our natural sexual instincts is our mental conditioning. If we experience multiple existences in different types of vessels (physical bodies) over time, then we can be lesbian in one existence, homosexual in another existence, heterosexual in the next, etc. It will all depend on the vessel we occupy and our evolution and level of consciousness. So at one time or in one or multiple existences, we have all been, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, etc. We have experienced it all, we are just not actively aware of it. This is exactly why transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry, racism, etc. are so absurd. We all have had existential experiences in different bodies and in different places over time, again and again, we are just not actively aware of it. Just take time to explore your inner self and find the truth. The truth is within you not outside of you.

About gender expression.

Gender expression is somewhat tied to gender identity. So it is mutable, because it changes over time. It is also normative. As humans, we label certain things to try to classify them. But as we become aware of certain things over our evolution, we change our perception and that also changes the classification of things. Let's talk about what we call gender expression. What may be considered feminine in some parts of the world may not be considered as such in other parts. We even label clothing in certain ways to justify our use of them. For example, a piece of cloth that a human wears to cover his or her privates, is called a sarong in Thailand or Samoa, a kilt in Scotland, a skirt in the United States of America.

Thousands of years ago, men wore skirts, even the roman soldiers wore what we now call mini skirts, and even with that documented history, in some parts of the world a mini skirt is considered female attire. In some parts of Asia, men still wear long skirts and sarongs. So it is normative, and as I explained at the start, norms are impositions and go against nature. The way we dress is what we make of it, not what other people say it is. The greeks and romans also wore dresses back in the day, they are called toga's. The funny thing is that norms are absolutely irrational, because we see it as normal when a man wears a toga as a costume, but as a mental illness if he wears it on a daily basis, and women can wear a dress whenever they please. Does this make any sense? Men painted their nails first to identify themselves, then women started painting their nails and somewhere in between, they appropriated it. Same thing with makeup, high heels, accessories, etc. There is even a high heel called a cuban heel that are made into shoes for short men. French men wore high heels, makeup and wigs some time ago. Some cowboy boots also have higher heels than many women's shoes. Male egyptians wore golden colored sandals, but now, normative thinking make us believe that glitter, shine and metallics are only for women. I can go on and on with countless examples, but you get the message. So the only thing keeping a fellow human from expressing his gender, are the norms. It is all mental. The more true to yourself you are, the happier existential experience you will have. It is really indescribable, you need to experience for yourself in order to understand it.

About the sex we are born into.

As I said at the beginning, we can change our bodies using cosmetic surgery and hormones, but we can not change our DNA. I am not saying that it is wrong to take hormones or have cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance. But if we talk about acceptance, we need to accept that our biological vessel is what it is. We can change our genitalia, we can alter our bodies with hormone replacement therapy or cosmetic surgery, and we can dress and decorate ourselves as we please, but even that will not change our natural given bodies DNA strands.
We are either XX or XY chromosomes naturally, and even what we call intersex persons, they are naturally like that, there is no shame to be like that, quite the contrary, it is quite a special and wonderful feature to have. Having said that, it is perfectly fine to adapt and play any role we want in this existence. As a man or a woman even if you are born into a different body than your past experiences and polarity. Even though we may occupy a vessel we were born into that is different to what our spirit and soul are. We are not our bodies. Saying we are our bodies is like saying an astronaut is the suit they are wearing. As the astronaut needs the space suit to exist in outer space, we need our bodies to exist in this physical realm. When we look at an astronaut we don't judge him or her by the color of the spacesuit do we? The same with us. And as with the spacesuit, we can decorate it to transmit something. All space missions have a special patch created for them, and we put those patches on the suits to identify them, yet, we know that the human inside the spacesuit is what moves the suit. So what I am trying to say is that we do not need to have surgeries and hormone replacement therapies, because doing so only reinforces the false perception of what being a certain type of body  should be. Big breasts for example are normatively expected of a female, yet there are countless males that have bigger breasts than many females. So, if one decides to have breast reduction or breast augmentation, it is doing so to feed the false perception of what a male of female body should look like. Of course there are legitimate medical reasons to have those surgeries, but the vast majority of these surgeries are elective and thus, not necessary. Having sex confirmation surgery is also elective and not necessary in most instances. Even if we throw the psychological welfare of the person into the equation, it is not necessary once the person understands all of this. Let's compare your body to a clay vessel. You can change the form and decorate your vessel in many different ways, but the vessel will always be made of clay. So what I am trying to say with this is be true to yourself and do not let others dictate how you should dress, act and live. So wear nail polish if you please, wear a skirt if you like, grow your hair long if you want to, be your authentic self and be legitimate to yourself. It does not matter if you are male or female, what matters in your existence, your experience is what you make of it, and how you make it happen. Just be ethical, be kind and loving, have empathy toward your fellow humans. Everything will be just fine.

About what does it mean to be a Man or a Woman.

Lastly, many people are very confused and lost in dogma as to what does it mean to be a man or be a woman. Let's get something out of the way first. This is a very sensitive subject for many transgender people, please do not take is as an aggression or offense, it is not. Being a man or being  a woman is below being human. An being human, is below being spirit. First and foremost, we are all eternal spiritual beings experiencing human existence. Spirit, formless and mental. In the realm we are created, where we are really from, sex does not exist, gender does not exist, sexuality does not exist. Man and Woman do not exist. That world from which we come from, is mental and formless. The only thing that exists close to what we experience here, is polarity. But even with that, we all are equal. We are all the same. The ancient Mayans also knew this. When they greet  each other they say, “In-Lak'ech” (I am another you), and they respond “Hala-kem” (you are another me). The only difference between a man and a woman, is in our DNA and our ability to procreate. A woman will bear life with the help of a man's seed, that is how nature works. A woman will carry a living being in her womb and give birth thru the vaginan canalo naturally. Period. Let's not kid ourselves about anything else. Now putting that aside, any man can do whatever a woman does, and every woman can do whatever a man can do. Yes I get that some men are stronger than women, but the same can also be said the other way around. Sports competition should include a mix of both sexes on the same field and classify them by weight and height, not sex. Depending on the sport, some will have more women on their roster, some will have more men. Women are actually tougher than men in many situations, like endurance. As far as jobs, sports, family, education, fashion, entertainment, and every other activity we can think of, we are all equal and we should treat everyone the same. No favoritism if you are a woman, or a man, equality is equality, equal pay, equal responsibility, equal rewards. Dressing a certain way, or speaking a certain way, the way a person moves, the way they conduct themselves does not make them a man or a woman. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. We can all coexist in harmony without trying to impose any ideas over anybody. There are two cosmic laws we all need to respect, free thought is one, free action is the other. You can think and do whatever you want, so as long as you don't interfere with your fellow humans thoughts and actions. And with that, I will finish off with the pronouns and the names. We need to respect our fellow humans petitions for the use of pronouns. It is not a matter of is it right or wrong, it's a matter of respect. If someone asks you or corrects you to use the pronouns they desire, we need to respect that. Again, ethics come into play. Don't judge, just respect. We don't need any written laws imposed upon if we are ethical. If somebody called you a name that would make you uncomfortable, would you like it? I guess not. Personally I think that even our names should be assigned to us until we ourselves pick out a name. Names are given to us by our parents, but we don't have to stick with those names if we don't like them. Family names bestowed upon us carry a lot of baggage we don't need. So, is a transgender woman a woman? Is a transgender man a man? The short answer, no. Any human male that feels like a woman, acts like a woman, dresses like a woman, is still a man. And that is far better than being a manly man or alpha male, simply because I consider transwomen and transmen to be superhuman, and I say this with great humbleness. They are a special kind of human being, empowered by both their sides, feminine and masculine. They are the best of both worlds. That is why many cultures throughout the earth see these human beings as divine. Native American Two Spirits, Hawaiian Mahu, Hindu Hijra, and many others throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. A girly girl female and an alpha macho male are actually unbalanced human beings, they are both extremes of the spectrum. You can read about that here. Misunderstanding and fear of transgender people started around the middle ages. Before that it was all good. Since everything is cyclical, as humans, we are turning the page and a new cycle of peaceful coexistence is due.

The evolution of gender

The time has come for humanity to evolve and recognize that the social constructs it has created around gender are now obsolete. For millennia humans have identified as a binary, it is time to start looking at ourselves as one. When we understand that we do not have to identify either as man or woman, but instead we start viewing ourselves as human beings and as a reflection of our fellow humans, regardless of the flesh vessel they are occupying, then will we understand that we are pure energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency that oscillates either primarily as Yin or Yang. We need to act upon our natural instincts thru love, compassion and kindness. We need to stop calling ourselves man or woman, black or white and the social gender and racial constructs will fall, and when that happens, that's when equality will really come and prevail, and this does not depend on others, but in ourselves. We can not strive to achieve gender equality if there is no such thing as gender, the race card will stop working when we realize we are just one race, earthlings. We are spiritual beings occupying a flesh vessel, but our energy is oscillating at a certain frequency, either Yin energy frequency or Yang energy frequency. Saying we are our physical bodies is like saying we are the automobile we drive, we are not. Yin energy is passive and creative, curved, holistic. Yang energy is active, forward thrusting, analĂ­tic, linear. When we realize this and accept it, we will understand that all the nonsense we have created about and around what we call gender is unnecessary and thus, we will stop using it . Only thru knowledge and experience do we acquire wisdom. Only thru ethics can we experience compassion. Only thru compassion can we experience empathy. Thru empathy we can achieve comprehension and comprehension will make us accept. Once we accept, our fears will dissipate. The only label we need to use to identify ourselves is human earthling at the lowest level and cosmic spirit at the highest level. We are not men or women, or transgender men or transgender women. We are not Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual. Love does not have gender, sexuality or flesh. Without the gender constructs, there would be no necessity for gender surgeries, we would not be confused with the correct use of pronouns and we would not have gender inequality. We are whole. We are one. We need to start realizing this and acting upon it. We are all created equal.

You are very welcome to comment your points of view, just be respectful and secular about it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

My Kind of French MANicure Niuton Chavez Felix

Hello my fellow polishers! 

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I was absent for a while. 

My life has had some twists and turns that have absorbed my time quite a bit. All changes, fortunately,  are for the good and advancement of myself. 

Some of these changes are job related and others are spiritual related. But all is more than good. 

Due to these changes I just haven’t been looking to purchase new nail polish shades, so no new swatches have been posted because of that. 

The purpose of the blog was not in any form intended to be a “nail polish review” blog, but somehow, that was the form it took. 

Letting it sit for a while has given me the time to refocus the main objective of this blog. It is OK for men to wear nail polish. 

These last couple of months I have been going to the salon to have my nails done with gel polish. 

french manicure with color niuton chavez felix
I started doing them with gel polish more than anything because I didn't have time to go shopping for nail polish. On occasions where I would go shopping, I just didn't feel enamored of any particular shade I saw at the stores. Everything I saw was very close to something I already had.

One time I went to have my nails done and I saw a very nice pink with blue shimmer polish. When I asked my nail tech to apply it, she told me it was gel polish, so from that point forward, I have been doing gel ever since.

I have always loved shiny top coats, and I have to admit, you can’t beat gel polish for that. Even SechĂ© Vite, which has the best top coat shine for regular polish, can't match gel top coats.

niuton chavez felx
As far as how long it lasts, now that I am wearing longer nails, I am more conscious about them and take better care of how I handle things to avoid breaking a nail. So for me at least, both regular nail polish and gel based nail polish is the same when it comes to how long it lasts. I almost always outgrow them before they chip.

I have always liked french manicures but never did any on my nails because from my point of view, the nails have to be a bit longer for the french to look nice. Also, french manicures look very nice and clean, but a bit boring for my taste. Si I opted to have the french effect with color.  
#niuton chavez felix

I have also been experimenting with different color combinations and white tip length.

Nevertheless, I let my nails grow so I could sport a nice french manicure, and let me tell you, unless I need to cut my nails short for some very strong reason, I don't intend to shorten them any time soon.

Letting my nails grow just a bit has been a very pleasant experience for me. They are great for scratching. I just love to scratch my scalp and run my nails thru my hair ( I wear my hair long) and they are fabulous to scratch my back. 

Anyway, I hope you keep coming back to read my blog. I will be posting more, but less often. I will be venturing into other kinds of activities and traits that are considered "female", but that when we start to discern about them, we can come to the clear conclusion that we make them like that, but that there is no real solid reason why they should be that way. We have the power to change things. Of course, nail polish in no exception. Remember, one of the universal immutable laws is that everything is constantly changing. 

In the mean time, Happy Polishing!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zoya “Liberty” Pixie Dust Collection Niuton Chavez Felix

In the spirit of this forth of July, I chose to continue with Zoya’s Pixie dust collection. There is something about the finish to pixie dust colors that I love. 

I can never grow tired of that sand pixie sparkle finish. To commemorate the month of July, and in celebrating independence day, I chose Zoya’s “Liberty”.
Like all of the previous Zoya pixie dust polishes I have tried, this one is no exception to the quality and durability. Like I said before, one of the things I love about this particular nail polish finish is that I don't have to use a top coat. Just use some primer before applying it and it will last at least 10 days with out chipping. Just so you won't stain your nails, apply a good base coat.
Viscosity is good enough for full coverage with just two coats. Brush is great and application is very smooth considering the finish it has. If you are into sparkly blues, you will absolutely love this. Happy Forth of July weekend and 
Happy Polishing!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nubar “Geisha Blaze” Niuton Chavez Felix

We are full spring ahead,  25 days into the season. Time to change that polish again!

Niuton Chavez Felix

Last February I tried my first pink, Butter London’s “Disco Biscuit” and I had a so so experience with that particular polish. You can read it here. So in my quest for that great hot pink nail polish, I looked and searched all over until I found Nubar’s “Geisha Blaze”. 
Definitely my kind of shade! 

I can highly recommend this nail polish line. This was my first experience with it, has a great brush, and at least with this bottle, the nail polish was superb. Not too thin and not too thick, just right for a three coat application. Finish was perfect, Color was super, hot pink with a slight hint of purple hue. This color really jumps at you when the sun hits it. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
Niuton Chavez Felix
Definitely what I was expecting. Perfect for spring and even summer. 
Pair it with a great fuchsia shirt or spring blazer. 
Also looks great on the toes. 
This is a keeper for me, as far as pinks, this one will be hard to top. 
If you are into pinks, give this one a try, you will not regret it. Until next time, happy polishing!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

“Khloe has a little lam lam” from the Nicole by OPI Kardashian collection Niuton Chavez Felix

March is here and so is green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

khloe has little lam lam from nicole by opi

March, the month of Pisces, at least until the 20th. It’s element is water which brings out the green. When I think of green, I think of a forest green, or a green landscape like Ireland. 

No wonder St. Patrick’s Day is in March. Love the green, it represents Life and Abundance. The color of money. The color of Ireland. The Irish and the deep culture they have.
So this month I chose “Khloe has a little lam lam” from the Nicole by OPI Kardashian collection.
One thing for sure is that OPI products are mostly keepers. This one is no exception.
khloe has little lam lam from nicole by opi
This is a very nice deep emerald green cream color. No glitter, no metallic finish. Just pure cream color.

As with all other OPI products, the brush is very nice. The only thing I can not get use to is the shape of the bottle. It is very nice to look at, but a bit tricky to hold when applying nail polish. Other than that, I really like this polish. The shade is dark, depending on the lighting, It can look almost black. Only when the sun hits it can you see the rich color this nail polish has. Totally oposite from last month’s experience, this polish is just a two coater for full coverage. 
The polish glides with no streaks.
khloe has little lam lam from nicole by opi
If you like jewel tone colors like me, this is for you.  It is a perfect color for the transition to spring and more brighter or pastel shades. One thing I noticed is that this particular color, goes very well on short nails. I can honestly say this is a 5 bottle rating. Remember to file, prime, base, color and top coat for a full 12 day manicure without the use of gel polish. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Butter London “Disco Biscuit” Niuton Chavez Felix

Even though we are just finishing February, I wanted to express the feeling of this beautiful month. The month of Aquarius. The unconventional. The month of Love.
Niuton Chavez Felix
I was browsing thru Pinterest and came across a photograph of a swatch from Butter London “Disco Biscuit” and I was awe struck.
Niuton Chavez Felix
Only one other nail polish color has moved me so much as this one, and that was Chanel “Taboo”. This is my first time wearing hot pink nail polish and I have to say, I love it. I have pale pink shirts and pink ties, but aside from the light pink base used for french manicures, this is my first pink nail polish. The first thing I just loved about this polish were the blue sparkles that it has. The contrast of the blue with the hot pink of the base, works extremely well.
Niuton Chavez Felix
This is my first Butter London nail polish, so aside from the color, I did not know what to expect. The verdict for me is not so great. The color is very thin, I usually apply 3 coats of polish, but this was so thin that I had to apply 5 coats on top of the base coat for the color to really come through like you see it on the bottle.  That poses a problem because there is not enough time for the polish to dry and the later coats become chewy. Three coats definitely wont cut it unless you are ok with partial coverage. The square bottle is ok to hold and the brush is fairly decent. Color is absolutely wonderful if you can get full coverage. One of the things I noticed is that the polish dries to a mate finish, so if you like mate finish you will love it. I opted to apply high shine Seche Vite high gloss top coat. All in all, I ended up with mixed feelings about this polish. The color is extremely beautiful but the quality of the polish itself  is not as good as the color. The mate finish was also unexpected. Color wise it is a keeper, but it is definitely nothing I would buy again. If I had to give this a rating, I would give it just 3 bottles. Until next time, happy polishing!