Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zoya “Liberty” Pixie Dust Collection Niuton Chavez Felix

In the spirit of this forth of July, I chose to continue with Zoya’s Pixie dust collection. There is something about the finish to pixie dust colors that I love. 

I can never grow tired of that sand pixie sparkle finish. To commemorate the month of July, and in celebrating independence day, I chose Zoya’s “Liberty”.
Like all of the previous Zoya pixie dust polishes I have tried, this one is no exception to the quality and durability. Like I said before, one of the things I love about this particular nail polish finish is that I don't have to use a top coat. Just use some primer before applying it and it will last at least 10 days with out chipping. Just so you won't stain your nails, apply a good base coat.
Viscosity is good enough for full coverage with just two coats. Brush is great and application is very smooth considering the finish it has. If you are into sparkly blues, you will absolutely love this. Happy Forth of July weekend and 
Happy Polishing!

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