Monday, August 5, 2013


Before I begin, I would like to thank all the visitors who chime in with their comments. I have been receiving positive comments about the blog and that certainly motivates, but more than anything, what drives me to keep it up, is the fact that I can see the traffic and how it originates via the blog's analytics. Last Month I posted a small poll widget on the blog to see how many visitors were men. No surprise here, at least as far as the people who cared to put their two cents worth, 95% of visitors are male, just 5% are female. Of course those numbers will change, but the majority of visitors who voted, showed me that they wanted to interact. This blog has seen more than 10,000 visitors since it was created, and that is also a growing trend, so I see there is interest on the subject. Last but not least, the question’s and comments as well as the emails I receive show me this is not just a growing trend, it seems many men have been painting their toes for a very long time, they just don’t show them, so If I can put my two cents worth to help men shatter their fear and show their emotions and expressions thru nail polish, I will keep at it.

Purple, the color of royalty. There is something empowering about wearing this color. Since I am a Professional Photographer I see color a bit differently than most people. With my left side of the brain I see color as the reflection of light on different surfaces. Black is the absence of light, while white is the combination of all primary colors. It is my right side of the brain, that makes me feel the emotion that color brings out in me. It makes it even more enjoyable to appreciate colors when you understand and feel them at the same time. CHANEL does a fantastic job at combining different colors to create emotion when looking at their nail polishes.
With “Taboo” they have created, at least in my personal view, a very EMOTIONAL color. This to me is a POWERFUL shade. The base is a magenta and blue combination that turns out a beautiful deep cosmic violet shade. The kind you see on the Hubble telescope galaxy pictures. To top it all, they added bright red and blue sparkles that shimmer beautifully when the sun hits them, reinforcing even more the cosmic premise. I look at my nails and imagine small galaxies on each nail.
Under ambient lighting, it takes on a deeper purple, more absent of color, even though it looks nice enough, you will appreciate this more outside than indoors. This is by far, the best shade of purple I have tried, it is elegant, mysterious, edgy and classy at the same time. If you are a spiritual person, you will absolutely love this shade, it will help open awareness.
As with the other CHANEL colors I have tried, the formula is perfect, two coats will do, and it goes on smoothy. I love purple nail polish because it goes with just about everything, from blue jeans, to white pants, and it goes very nicely with  brown, gold, silver or black sandals. This is a keeper for me, I am sure it will be for you too.