Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Orly - "Haute Red"

First and foremost……

men painting their nails blog

In the spirit of the holiday festivities, I decided on red nail polish for this post.  This is Orly’s “Haute Red” nail polish. It is a classic. Even though it’s not gel based, this cream color base spreads like butter on the nail.
red polish on men
Orly now makes most of it’s color’s on both gel and regular nail polish, so it you like this red and would like it on gel, it is available.

Before I tried this color, I had an old favorite on, “red velvet” by Cherimoya with a couple of accented nails using Orly “Lux”.

nail designs for men red nail polish and gold nail polish
There is something about red nail polish that is so cool to look at. Personally it feels empowering. So many reds out there that it is impossible to name them all. I have my own share and the stash keeps growing. 

Just to finalize this post, I would like to make a point on the poll results so far. Close to half of the poll respondents, 46% do not care what people might think. Kudos to all those who live happy and do not live by what others think. But it seems that FEAR is still a big factor on why men don’t wear nail polish. Close to 35% of poll respondents are still afraid of what people might say. Just 18% of respondents don’t want to be labeled as something they are not, which is a valid reason, but still, falls into the “what might others think or say” category. 

winter nail polish colors for men

I say go for it! and make it a new years resolution to live your life to the fullest and fearlessly. If you fall into that 35% or even that 18% bracket, and would like to wear nail polish, go ahead, you will never look back and I guarantee you will feel empowered.

Happy Polishing!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


It has been a while since I posted, sorry for that, but I have been a little tied up at work. But hey, here I am, still kicking. 
I am currently wearing a very nice shade from ESSIE. This is actually the first time I give ESSIE a try and I have to say, I absolutely love this color.
men who wear nail polish
I like to wear deep greens this time of year. When I first saw this shade on the shelf of my local Walgreen’s I thought it was a dark metallic grey. It is from ESSIE's Snakeskin magnetic collection.
This is the kind of polish that has metal on it so you can put a magnet to it. The name is “Crocadilly” and like the name suggests, it is a dark crockadile green with a metallic overtone.

I have to say, I like it very much. This has to be my favorite olive green to date. The fact that this is has metal in it actually serves it better because the consistency of the polish is so much nicer, it kind of glides smoothly when you apply it. I really didn’t care to put the magnet effect over the polish, which it is like a snakeskin or crocodile skin effect, but without the effect, it looks metallic.  I really picked it for the color from the bottle, not for the effect, and let me tell you, when I finished applying it.... WOW!

I like it so much that it has been almost a month since I first tried it on and I have done my nails twice now with the same color, which is very rare for me. 

I love greens because I can wear them with mustard colors, blacks, khaki, greens, browns, etc., perfect for the fall/winter season.

I really don’t know if it is the metal formula, but the only thing I noticed and I did not like about this polish is that it chipped a bit after just 6 days. I usually prep my nails and polish lasts on me for at least 10 to 12 days without chipping, but for whatever reason, this polish chipped way before, never the less, I give it 4 out of 5 bottles as a rating. If you like magnet polishes, you are going to love this, If you like dark green’s you are going to love this too. If you ask me, this is a must for any avid nail polish addict's collection. Until next time!
Happy Thanks Giving and Happy Polishing!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

OPI "Alpine White"

We just had a monster heat wave where I live and thought about going all white on my nail polish. I had already begun my transition to fall colors, when I realized that I had not worn white before. 

I am not a big fan of very bright colors, and that might have something to do with that, but white is one color that I like very much. Like black, it can be elegant and casual at the same time. It will look cool at the beach and chic at the night club.
At first it was the weather that got me in the mood for all white, it is very hot right now, but after I pondered at it a bit, I got inspired by two of my favorite movie franchises, star wars, and star trek. 
All white inspires cleanliness, futuristic landscapes and a high sense of style. Just look at the stormtrooper, the rebel ship deck and the Enterprise. Clean, modern, futuristic, elegant.

 For this post, my five year old daughter wanted to get into the act. She had her tiny toes and fingers done in a french mani with some flower decorations. She just loves that I wear polish and she also likes to wear polish. It is mom that won’t let her do it often, maybe on some long weekends or on vacation because of school. Anyway, she likes when daddy and her can wear the same color.
For this endeavor I picked OPI’s “Alpine White” that I used for a previous nail design. Like all OPI colors I have tried before, this is pro grade. Nice streak free application and three coats and a top coat will cover like gel. If you prep the nail with a buff and you use primer and a base coat, you nails with last two to three weeks. So if your neck of the woods is also going thru a heat wave, or you want to try something stylish, you can go all white for the remainder of summer which is just days away, or you can also wear it thru the fall and winter. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sally Hansen 230 "Plum Power"

There is something about purple. It spells Royalty, finesse, chicness. There are many shades out there.
I have tried various kinds, one my favorites being Chanel’s “Taboo” with it’s sparkly red and blue shimmer that make it look like a little galaxy. 

I thought that I would never look at another purple that would captivate me like taboo, but low and behold “Plum Power” from Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail color line. 

This is a magnificent color, it is definitely a keeper. Sally Hansen is a sure bet for quality. Just the right amount of viscosity for a three coat flawless application and perfect coverage.
This is a perfect color to start making the transition from summer to fall. One of the things I just love about this shade is the fact that it is not quite a metallic shade nor is it a creme.

No shimmer or glitter, just pure pearl finish. Just like the fruit when it's maturing, this nail polish tone varies depending on the light and the angle you look at it. I personally think it is a very special tone and finish. 

I just love how this color contrasts with gold. It goes very well with earthly fall season colors. It contrasts wonderfully with green tones and it looks fabulous with gray.

If you like dark jewel tone colors like me, you will absolutely fall in love with this one. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Over the last few weeks I have been trying on a new brand of nail polish brand named Morgan Taylor.

They are a new company as far as I know. Have not heard of them before until now. They market as professional grade nail polish. For what I understand, the professional meaning is that they have secure and reliable brushes as well as trending colors. 

They seem different, from the bottle to the brush. As nail polishers know, we are always looking for more variety. There can never be so much colors. We always want more, we always want  something different. 

I tried three of the newest colors they have. “Going Native”, “Varsity Jacket Blues” and “Stop, Shop & Roll”, the last one being my favorite.

Polish consistency is pretty good, the brush seems pretty good also. For being marketed as professional grade, they seem to fit the bill nicely.

I tried them all with three coats. Of course every time before I applied the polish, I buffed the nail bed, applied primer and base coat. After three coats I topped it of with Seche Vite top coat. I just love the shiny finish.

I just loved how “Varsity Jacket Blues” stood out. It seemed electric. Not quite neon, but bright enough to get your attention. Love it on my toes. Never got tired of it. It has just the right amount of brightness for me, not to distracting, but enough to enjoy it and know it is there.

“Going Native” is a sea green color. It was nice, the kind that you can wear with black, brown or green clothing. But not something I would go out of the way to get though. It applied very well and even seemed like gel polish. No streaks  or lines left from the brush. I am not knocking it, but I would not repeat it.

Now when I tried “Stop, Shop & Roll” I had the most compliments I have had with any nail polish I have worn to date. 
Depending on the light source It is a green june bug or jewel rhinoceros beetle color. It also looks like a peacock feather green/blue. 

I have to say it is AMAZING. The closest comparison I have to this color attention getting wise is CHANEL “Peridot” of Missha HGR01, but still, to me, Morgan Taylor’s is even more stunning. This is definitely a keeper for me, if you like bright pearl greens you will love it. 

With summer in full swing now, I have been experimenting with lighter colors. I am leaning toward light blues, light greens, and even some bright blues, though not as bright as neon, but still brighter that I am used to. 

I have to say, the feeling I get wearing these colors is  EMPOWERING. I really don’t know why, but that is the way it makes me feel. So go ahead, wear some nail polish and experience the power. Happy Polishing!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deprogram your Mind and Empower Yourself

For centuries, men have been programmed not to show “soft emotions”.  We are taught that men showing their feminine side makes them vulnerable. This is just “conditioning”. It is totally quite the oposite. It makes us stronger human beings. 

Gender expression is more widely accepted now thank’s in part to the equality movement that has stirred the collective consciousness of humanity toward that end, as well as the scientific community that has looked deeper into the gender issue and now have scientific proof to back it up. 

Humanity is maturing. At least many humans are, others are still resisting the inevitable, a few are regressing. The fact that humanity is starting to understand that sex, sexuality and gender as well as gender expression are totally different things, gives  more widely acceptance of some behavior in men doing what used to be considered female only activities or conducts. The same can be said with women doing what was for a long time considered male only activities and conducts.

We now understand that the sex we were born into has nothing to do with our sexuality,  and that sexuality has nothing to do with gender identification or gender expression. Although there can be so many combinations it can sometimes get confusing and that is why we have to educate ourselves.  
There are so many sex, sexuality, gender identity and gender expression combinations possible that it is pointless for me  to name them all right now. I just know that at the end of the day what really counts, it’s the fact that we are all human beings, and that in itself is above ethnic race, citizenship, profession, sexuality, sex, gender identity, political or religious beliefs.

This leads me to conclude that being a heterosexual male gender identified man who thrives on a patriarchal state of being and uses his left side of the brain (male side) more than his right side (female side), or a heterosexual female gender identified woman who thrives on the matriarchal state and uses her right side of the brain (female side) more actively than her left side (male side), are both out of balance human beings. They are the total oposites, the end of both spectrums, macho and feminist.

Let me explain. The perfect balance, and the way I have concluded humanity is heading as we evolve , will be balanced male or female with both gender identities and a balanced gender expression (androgynous) that embraces both patriarcal and matriarcal states of being and will be proficient in using 100% of both sides of our brains. 

I understand that sex and sexuality are genetic traits, even gender identity, but gender expression up to this point in humanity could be conditioning because we are wrongly taught to suppress our gender identity if it does not fall in the same category as the sex we are born into.  If we are born male, we are expected to “act like a boy/man”. If we are born female, we are expected to “act like a girl/woman”. 

Please stop to analyze and think this. What is acting? Acting is the ability to transform into a convincing character in front of an audience to a degree that the audience no longer sees the actor as a performer but a completely different being, thus, “acting like a man” or “acting like a woman” is not being true to yourself, it is just playing a role to convince someone or some group about what they think who you are. But what about how you feel, what you think, how you identify? Why do we have to act out an identity that is not our own?

As you can see from the graphic I devised to try to explain it all, using myself just as an example,  I identify as a heterosexual  male who is to a certain degree female gender identified (the yellow dot). Why? Well Because I am very logical and analytical (my male side). I enjoy Art and consider myself very creative (my female side) while at the same time,
I love meditating and I lean more into the altered state of consciousness rather than the dogma. I also like to do some things that are considered female and I am very comfortable with that because I know who I am.

Why do I say all of this? Simply because this mental conditioning (if you are male you have to be macho and if you are female you have to be girly)  is mostly just that, conditioning, and it has to stop in order for humanity to evolve.

For the human being that does not realize this, there will be suffering and internal conflict until he/she realizes and accepts the truth about themselves. Mostly because that suffering will be driven by fear of the unknown more than anything else.  Humanity is coming full circle after millennia and are coming to terms with the fact that we are all one gender, just like before we are born into this physical realm. We are all human spirited perfectly  balanced beings, and we all have very powerful traits that are inherently genderless.

Our collective consciousness creates our reality, and that is why we have been seeing so much change in the world lately. The violence, the prejudice, the hate, they are all reactions out of fear of the unknown, out of fear for change. The more we know, the less we fear, the less we fear, the more we thrive.

As humans we are mentally conditioned and we are put in a box, we are compartmentalized by the will of others. It is time for us as humans to be truly free. 

Many human beings think they are free, but they are really not, it is just an illusion, because they are slaves, but they just do not realize it. They do not take time to analyze, to think and realize they are enslaved to a set or rules imposed by someones ideals, good or bad, but nevertheless not our own but someone else's. 

They are enslaved by debt, enslaved by society, enslaved by doctrine, enslaved by their own ignorance.

We do not have to limit ourselves, we can embrace and act upon both states, feminine and masculine, that will make us better human beings. We have the capacity for that and so much more. As human beings, our faulty conditioning by others interests is holding us back on our path to evolution.

¿So what has all this have to do with men wearing nail polish? Everything…..

The only thing keeping men from wearing nail polish is ignorance and fear. Fear is a negative emotion of a future event. We can choose to embrace or reject fear. The future does not exist, so fear does not exist. We create our own future with our present.

Free your mind, explore the possibilities, think, analyze and act upon your conclusions without fear. Follow your heart, it never fails to show you the right path. Be true to yourself and you will find the truth within. What do you think?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Minty Fresh Creme Color

Hello my fellow polishers! With Spring in full Swing, I got inspired to do the minty theme. 

I rarely go for bright colored polishes, but lately I just got bored with the dark jewel toned or metallics and have been diving in to more creme based lighter tones. Why limit ourselves? Last month I did a very nice blue from L.A. Colors called “Aquatic” and this time I dove into a bit brighter tone, although not neon like. I was at my local Walmart and I found this color in a big display full of all kinds of colors. They were just $2 so I picked four tones, a nice dark blue, a nice lavender, a pretty purple and this minty color. I just could not resist.
The only drawback is that these bottles of paint do not have names to the colors, which is something I really like to have fun with. I have a strong suspicion that these nail polishes are from O.P.I. and are just rebranded to sell in bulk because the bottle is suspiciously similar to O.P.I.’s, and the consistency of the polish as well as the brush are eerie similar. This particular color also looks very much like OPI “Gargantuan Grape”. 

This minty green branded “Premium” Nail Lacquer looks very nice, although it is a bright color, somehow it does not “jump at you”, it’s a subtle bright tone. 
It goes very well with white, black, brown and jeans, as with multi colored spring/summer shirts.

I think it can be worn elegantly if you “dress it up” with a nice silk scarf and a nice white spring jacket. All in all, I think it was a steal.
If you see these “Premium” branded nail polishes at your local Walmart, do not hesitate to get some, they are definitely a steal. Hope you get some and happy polishing!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

Angela from has nominated this blog for the Liebster Award.


I am grateful for the opportunity she has given this blog with the nomination, it will serve as another way to create consciousness about the fact that nail polish is for everyone to enjoy and is not exclusive to women.

She gave me 11 questions to answer, so here they are:

1.- What was the inspiration for the name of your blog?
Since I am very straight forward guy, the name of the blog says it all I guess.

2.  Do you have a dedicated nail/beauty room or just a small space?
small space I guess, I just do it at my home office desk or go to my friends nail salon.

3.- What is your favorite mainstream polish and your favorite indie polish?
Mainstream OPI, I find the quality and colors to be outstanding, as well as the price. Indie, I have yet to purchase one, though I have several Generic Brand or No Name polishes.

4.  What are some of your hobbies?
Nail Polish of course!
I have been getting into nail art/designs lately, sandal shopping and studying about the origins of humanity and its behavior.

5.  If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Montreal, Canada. I just have to go there, don’t know why, I just need to go.

6.  Do you see yourself blogging 5 years from now?
Yes, creativity and imagination are things you just don't shut off.

7.  Do you like it quiet while you blog or do you need background noise?
Neither, I find it easy to adapt to any circumstance. I do like background music however, I choose the kind of music depending on what I am blogging about.

8.  What do you want to be when you grow up? (I believe we are all kids, at heart, and it's never too late to be what you want to be!)
Not to sound pretentious, I think I am and do what I like and what my heart tells me to do. I like to constantly push boundaries. I am a Professional Photographer, A web marketing specialist, a Certified Network Engineer, a Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, a Nutrition Counselor, Tech Support Specialist and Lecturer. I think I can even handle more, but I have yet to find something else that I feel passionate about to do. As humans, I have found that our potential is limitless.
This is the kind of work I do in Photography

9.  Morning person or night owl?
Night Owl, I can do more when the kids are sleeping.

10.  Any special plans for the summer?
Nothing Special planned for this year, but things can change at any given time.

11.  And last, but not least, what lead you to starting your own blog?
My own experience. 
I have always kept my nails groomed, both fingers and toes. 
I have always liked pampering. 
As a male, when I stated to contemplate wearing color, like many men, I searched the internet and found very little information on the subject. 
I had been looking for an excuse or a solid argument for me to wear nail polish. Then I realized that the only thing keeping me (and other men) from wearing nail polish was fear. I really didn’t need any ones approval to do it. To me, fear is a choice, it is a negative emotion about a future event. As far as I have concluded, the future does not exist, we construct it ourselves in our present.  So I decided to be fearless. To live the now. 
I started the blog to create consciousness about it. As I have stated many times in my blog, painting our nails is an emotional form of self expression. As men, we are programed to suppress our emotions/feelings because we are mentally conditioned that doing so makes us vulnerable, especially if those emotions/feelings are so called “soft” emotions/feelings, like crying, compassion and self expression (among others) unless it is what a society/group deems "acceptable".  
We are thought that it is OK to “fit in” and not “stand out”. We are thought that it’s OK to be part of a group and not stand out as “individuals”. Because when we do, we are “conditioned” that acceptance by others can be cruel, so we tend to hide our insecurities within a group. We tend to "blend in" to hide.
Another thing we are mentally programmed/conditioned into is that, we are “given” choices to choose from, but we are not allowed to “explore” other choices other than those “offered”. 
As humans, we have the right to express, explore, think and act with freedom as long as we do not attempt on others rights and freedoms. When we respect others choices and/or right’s, peace reigns. When we try to impose or violate other choices or rights, there is conflict. It’s as easy as that and you can take that to any level. 

Well there they are. Feel free to comment, ask, elaborate, interact or comment on this post, that is what is all about.

I will list my nominees in my next post, so stay tuned.
Cheers and Happy Polishing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

L.A. Colors "Aquatic"

Spring is in the air, sunny weather, easter eggs, chocolate, swimming pools. I rarely post twice in a month, but this time I just could not resist this blue. It reminded me of some blue shirts that I have. I also have a blue watch, some blue shoes and many blue ties. 

So I was walking down my local drugstore and this shiny blue bottle caught my eye. My first impression was that it was too bright a blue. I usually don’t go for bright colors on nail polish, but this time, there was something about this blue that begged me to try it on. 

With the easter festivities coming I thought, why not!. I mean, we paint our cars blue, we wear blue clothing, so why not paint my nails with this blue. After all, blue is a color for boys right? Riiiiiight…. 

Anyway, I have to say that I just love it! I think I have not had so many compliments on my nails since I wore Malice from Chanel.
The brightness on this tone is an attention getter, but in a good way. It is the kind of color, that even though it is not a holographic, metallic or shimmer, you can contemplate it again and again. Several people even thought I was wearing Gelish.  This cream based blue is called Aquatic from L.A. Colors, it’s from their color craze line. I have to say, until now, I have not had an L.A. Colors nail polish that I do not just love.
It is a three coater, goes on smooth and does not streak, as you can clearly see from the photographs. It is a keeper for me, I am sure you will love it too. Until next time! Happy Polishing!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nail Designs for men? You Bet!

I have been wanting to get some nail art done for some time now, the only thing that stopped me from doing it is the fact that most nail art designs I saw, were not appealing to me. 

I like subtle yet elegant designs. Something with meaning that at the same time will capture attention but won’t be a distraction. Something that would express my style and personality, and not something that I would just have done just for the sake of following a trend.  

If you are a guy and are new to nail polish or are exploring the idea of painting your nails, think of it this way, If you were contemplating getting a tattoo, would you just pick any design? Of course not!. 

I get that a nail polish design is not permanent, but still, having it done just because I could, was just not me. I like things with meaning. 
Liking symbols and their meanings, one of the most influential symbols I love is the “fleur de lis”, so I got inspired for blue and gold from a picture I saw that let me to other blue/gold combinations, like a neck tie and a Rolex watch, like I said, capture attention yet not distracting. 

I also like medieval themes, I like medieval clothing, the fabrics and designs with embroidery. Being Easter time, I decided to have this design done to be in sync with the carnival festivities around the globe. 

I used three different nail polish colors to achieve this. Orly “Lux”, L.A. Colors “Blue Lagoon” and OPI “Alpine Snow”. I wanted something that looked modern, medieval, carnival, kind of a harlequin design and elegant at the same time.
I first applied all the colors on their respective nail and went thru all the drills, you know, file, buffer, prime, base, color and top coat and waited till next day. 

To achieve the design, I used some strips with adhesive to form the diamond design and I painted inside each diamond with the respective colors, Orly “lux” and L.A. colors “blue lagoon”. I let it dry and removed the strips, revealing the white under it. I then applied two layers of top coat to seal it and enjoy it for at least two to three weeks. Remember, decision is the power that you have over anyone and is what determines our destiny. I have worn this for the past two weeks and have gotten only compliments. The feeling you get when you look at your painted nails and nail design is pretty difficult to describe, I would just encourage you to try it. Forget about what people think, forget about what people might say, believe me, It is a pretty awesome feeling. Don't miss on it!