Sunday, May 26, 2013

L.A. Colors - Blue Lagoon

Hello everybody!

Last time I did a red shade, so this time I will go to the other extreme going blue.
Summer Is almost here, but the sun is out, so in the spirit of it, I will start with this nice blue from L.A. Colors, it is called “Blue Lagoon”. Where do nail polish companies get the names I will never know, but this shade of blue is quite remarkable. 

I just love colors that shimmer, and this blue shimmers very bightly under the sun. I like to call it a pick me upper, because when you look at it when the sunlight hit is directly it makes you say Wow!, Nice!, Sweet!, It literaly brightens your day.

Unde ambient light without the sun hitting it directly, it tends to look a bit dark, which is ok, not so bright, if you like dark colors like blacks or dark browns or reds, you will love this blue.

When you look at under fourescent lighting, it tends to look exactly like the bottle, like when you see it at the store, so you are getting what you are seeing.

This formula is not as thin as some of the others I have worn, like China Glaze colors or Finger Paints. 
L.A. Colors “Blue Lagoon” can look quite nicely with two coats, but I always put 3 coats. I never skip on the primer or basecoat and I always top coat with either Orly Top Coat or Seche Vite. This time, the top coat was Orly.

If you like blues, this is a must have, it is bright outside yet not as shimmery inside. I think it would go very nicely with some silver for nail art. If I had to rate this, I would give it 4 out of 5 polish bottles, definetly a keeper for me.

Happy Polishing!

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Wine at the Gallery" by Finger Paints

Oh how I love reds. There is something about reds I can't seem to get enough of.  I feel empowered when I am wearing red. I have done some red swatches before. Last year I did a Sally Hansen red and this year back in February I wore Nina Ultra Pro's Burgundy. Since my last post was for holographic colors, I thought of mixing the holo type with my favorite color. This time around I picked up Finger Paints "Wine at the Gallery". Although it is not a holographic color, It sure stands out like if it were.

Back in December, I was awestruck by a swatch of Chanel's "Malice".  It really is a wonderful color, but a bit to hard for me to swallow spending $30 or more on a single bottle of nail polish,  I don't care if it's Chanel or Ives Saint Laurent, which have very nice colors too by the way, but we all have our limits, and the most I have spent on a bottle of nail polish is $12 when I splurge.

Anyway, I saw this bottle from "Finger Paints" and It looked very similar to that "Malice" I fell in love with from Chanel, so I decided to give it a try.

I just have to say WOW! This has to be to date, my favorite red. It shimmers under the sun with some yellow-gold tones that honestly, even though I did my best to capture it on a photograph, the images really don't do it justice.

Under ambient lighting, the color looks dark, kind of like the Nina Ultra Pro Burgundy I had back in February. But step outside under the sun and the color comes alive with sparkles that give it a special shimmery shine.

This is my left hand holding the steering wheel showing my thumb, see how the sun reflects from the thumb nail bed. My right foot toes and my left hand resting on my thigh also reflect the sun very nicely.

So If you liked that Chanel "Malice" color like me, and like me, you don't like to overspend, this is a nice substitute. I would not call it a "dupe" but it sure is a very nice alternative.