Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nubar “Geisha Blaze”

We are full spring ahead,  25 days into the season. Time to change that polish again!

Last February I tried my first pink, Butter London’s “Disco Biscuit” and I had a so so experience with that particular polish. You can read it here. So in my quest for that great hot pink nail polish, I looked and searched all over until I found Nubar’s “Geisha Blaze”. 
Definitely my kind of shade! 

I can highly recommend this nail polish line. This was my first experience with it, has a great brush, and at least with this bottle, the nail polish was superb. Not too thin and not too thick, just right for a three coat application. Finish was perfect, Color was super, hot pink with a slight hint of purple hue. This color really jumps at you when the sun hits it. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
Definitely what I was expecting. Perfect for spring and even summer. 
Pair it with a great fuchsia shirt or spring blazer. 
Also looks great on the toes. 
This is a keeper for me, as far as pinks, this one will be hard to top. 
If you are into pinks, give this one a try, you will not regret it. Until next time, happy polishing!