Friday, November 22, 2013


We are just days away from thanksgiving. Once we leave that celebration behind, the Christmas countdown begins. Away with the orange, brown and autumn colors. It is time to express the Christmas spirit and celebrate the holidays that mark the year end and new beginning. 
Reds have to be my favorite shade. Lucky for me, there is an abundance of red pigmented nail polishes. I had been putting of wearing what has to be my favorite shade of red for about a year now. Although it is not a new color, it is an everlasting classic by now that many nail polish manufacturers have tried to emulate unsuccessfully.
Even though some have come very very close, there is still nothing like Chanel’s “Malice”. A special limited edition color from Chanel, “Malice” is simply stunning. It is a deep jewel tone burgundy red color that ads enough shimmer to make it stand when put under the sun.
It is elegant, the kind of color that screams “chic” and is the perfect color to wear all thru the holidays.

Under ambient light it tends to look deeper with more brownish tints. This polish has something unique to it. Instead of the usual shimmer it gives of a “velvety” look. Malice is definitely not for everyone, aside from the steep price, it seems engineered for the counselor or demanding nail polish wearer, It applies nicely in two coats with a shiny finish. Of course I applied three coats as usual and even though this particular nail polish does not need a top coat to make it shiny, I applied Seche Vite top coat for a long chip-less 15 day wear.
This is definitely a 5 bottle rating nail polish, a very nice addition to any nail polish collection. It is hard to find at the regular selling price these days. If you find it a half decent price, grab it, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Holidays and Happy Polishing!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

OPI - Deutsch you want me baby?

November, the last month before we enter the years end. There is something special about November. The final stretch you could say. All around the world there are special rituals and festivities in the month. It all starts on the sunset of October 31st with what we know as Halloween, but in actuality it started as “Samhain”, which is still celebrated to this day and is a pagan celebration that marks the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the “darkness” season and is an Irish/Scottish tradition.  

India has “Diwali”, and although it may fall between the middle of October and the middle of November, that festival of lights is one of the most important festivities of the whole year. It celebrates the good over evil theme, hence the “light” will always prevail over darkness. 

The same can be said for Mexico’s “Dia de Muertos” (day of the dead), second only to Guadalupe’s Virgin Day and Christmas in importance, it is where people remember their family members who have departed from this world. 

Spain celebrates San Bartolomé de Pinares Festival every November and the British have Guy Faukes Night every November 5th.  

Of course there is the American tradition of “Thanksgiving” where as with Mexico’s Day of the Dead tradition, Thanksgiving is next to Christmas and Easter, the most important Holliday in America, if not the most. 

It is also celebrated in Canada, Puerto Rico and Liberia. One of the things I like most about “Thanksgiving” is that this celebration is mostly non-religious, even though it is rooted by the Protestant Catholic Church, today we have Roman Catholic Thanksgiving Mass, but everything was inspired by the church from England. It has since morphed into a mostly non-religious good harvest celebration that can go cross religion, which in my personal point of view, is a good thing.

My personal opinion is that it can be celebrated by all religions because it really does not really touch on any religious themes, except for the fact that we give thanks to “The Lord”, “God”, the “Creator” or whatever name you want to give it. We can give thanks to our neighbor, our family or whom ever we want. It is about being “Grateful”. 

Even the Japanese celebrate “Labor Thanksgiving Day” influenced by the American occupation after the second World War.  

What do all these festivities have in common? Orange! They have in some way or another the colors of fall and fire. Red, Orange, Yellow or any combination of these. 

That is why I picked OPI - Deutsch you want me baby? As my last fall season color.

This is for my taste, the best burnt orange color yet. Not a new color though, it is from OPI’s Germany Collection introduced in 2012. 
The more I use OPI’s line of polishes the more I like them. Their quality is consistent. It is a burnt orange color with a very visible red saturation. The photograph where I hold a tomato tells it more than words can.  

It reminds me very much of Sally Hansen’s “Unbreakable Heart”, although it has some orange shimmer to it, I would not consider this a shimmery color, looks more metallic than shimmery, specially under artificial lighting.  

The kind of metallic that reminds me of christmas tree ornaments. What I like about this color is the fact that it maintains it’s color and does not morph into other shades like other colors I have tried. it preserves it’s color consistently across all lighting conditions.  

Application went on very smoothly, not streaky at all. Three coats are needed to achieve total flawless coverage. This is a keeper for any collection. 

Five bottles as a rating. Get it while you can if you don’t already own this. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Polishing!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nina Ultra Pro "Maple Syrup"

Continuing with the fall season color palette, I decided to go with a darker color this time. While keeping a bit the camouflage theme, going brown helps with my wardrobe selections a bit more. I found I had this color from last year, I got it for christmas 2012, so I went for it. 

This is Nina Ultra Pro “Maple Syrup”, It is a brown base with orange shimmer to make it stand out. Like, well.....Maple Syrup! I think the name is spot on. 

Like all shimmery colors, it stands out under direct sunlight. 
Under ambient lighting it tends to reflect less light, the shimmer is still there, but the color looks richer, more chocolate than maple, although not that dark. 

Under artificial lighting conditions though, the orange shimmer make the color take on a dark copper shade. 
To prove this, I took a picture on top of an orange colored rug, so you can look at the light reflecting on the toe nails and you will see what I mean. 

So in a sense, without being a holographic color, you can consider this like it is one of those 3 for 1 colors. 
I really like the thick brush Nina Ultra Pro uses on their products. Consistency is very good, two coats will do it, but as always, I go for three and top it off with Seche Vite top coat, my favorite. 

This color applies very nicely, it is not streaky. 
This color goes very well with gold, brown, beige, green, orange, brick red and all earthly colors. 
I absolutely love this color and would recommend it very much. If I had to rate it, I would give it 5 bottles. 

Even though it is a couple of years old, it is not that hard to get, you can grab a bottle at amazon for less than $5. If you are lucky, Sally’s might still have some. Reading some reviews on amazon I see that many people give it a bad rap, NOT SO. They probably don’t know how to properly apply nail polish. 
Remember to clean, file buff, prime, base, paint and top over for a long lasting beautiful non chipping application that will last up to 10 days. This is definitely a keeper. 
Happy Polishing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OPI - At your Quebec Night & Call

Fall is here and I have been yearning for some olive greens and some browns to go with the season. I love camouflage pants, and I also like military themes. 

Not a weekend goes by where I am not wearing camo pants, when it’s fall, I wear them with sandals, when it’s winter I wear them with boots, either way, I love the tones of the olive green, brown and black that the green camo has, that way I can paint my nails black or brown shades, but my favorite color has to be olive green.  

I had been looking for an olive green for some time now but did not find any color that blew me away, until now. 
Doing some research for this, I stumbled upon OPI - At your Quebec Night & Call, I only have one word to describe this olive green, WOW! This is an old hard to find color, 2011 if I am not mistaken, luckily I found it on ebay. Since it’s a discontinued color, prices tend to go up sometimes if there is demand for it, and for what I can see, there is demand. Amazon had it as high as $20, I payed $6 for mine but average price was $13. 

This is an olive green base that has a golden shimmer to it.
When direct sunlight hit’s it, you can perceive it more as a metallic golden color with green shimmer, It never looses its olive green tone, but the golden undertones really make it shine outside. When under artificial lighting conditions, the color tends to look more olive not so much metallic but the golden shimmer evens the color. 
OPI - At your quebec night & call is a keeper. I have other polishes with dark green tones but this olive green is just fabulous. Application went on really smooth, three coats did it for me. If you apply it well, it does not even steak. Of course I did a base coat first and topped it of with Seche-Vite for durability and shine. OPI makes wonderful formulas, If I had to rate this polish, I would definitely give it 5 bottles. 

If you like olive greens, this should definitely be in your collection.

Happy Polishing!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

VERNIS classique by CHERIMOYA - Red Velvet

This must be the forth or fifth red I have tried. When I finished this last one, I came to the conclusion that red is definitely my favorite nail polish color. Anything with dark undertones and bright shimmers will always get me. From a candy apple red to a deep dark burgundy, reds suit my skin tone much better than any other color I have tried until now. Even purples that I thought did not go well on me, I have tried and liked, it must be deep dark undertones.

Although not all colors are created equal, and the quality of the polish and applying brush varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, If you prep the nail and apply it well, It should not matter what brand it is, It will last. Of course, prepping the nail is of outmost importance, you have to file, brush, clean and prime first, than, base coat them before applying at least two coats of nail polish, if your polish is too thin, go for three coats. Personally, I always, regardless, apply three coats. Finish it of with a quality top coat, and you can enjoy your nails like they were gelish.

This polish is not of great quality, it is very thick and tricky to apply. Fast drying nail polishes are a two bladed sword, they can be very good, or very bad depending on your point of view. This polish is definitely fast drying, but it works against it because you need to work nail by nail coat after coat. Even though I could have added some acetone remover to thin it out a bit, I decided to stick with the original formula to see how it applied of the bottle. The brush is also not professional quality and a bit difficult to work with. Putting all that aside, the color is just wonderful. I absolutely loved this red, but I am a sucker for reds, so I may be biased. 

Like blacks, reds can be dressed up or dressed down, and even though this is not the best quality, it is a very classy color shade. Like the name suggests “Red Velvet” is definitely  “velvety”.
This definitely lights up under direct sunlight. If you look closely under certain sunlight conditions, you can appreciate the orange sparkle shimmer. Under certain conditions, this red seems a bit on the orange side more than red, and that is the kind of surprise I like to have when trying new colors.   Under normal ambient light, the color does not get confused with any other dark colors, it still looks like red.

If you like reds like me, and don't get tired of trying new shades of red, I do recommend trying this out, I think you will like it.  

If I had to rate this, because of the quality of the brush and thickness of the polish I would give it a 2 bottle rating, but with the color being so strikingly beautiful, I will give it 3 bottles. Also, YOU MUST WEAR 2 COATS OF BASE COAT WITH THIS POLISH. I applied 1 coat myself and the color permeated all the way to the nail to stain it. I  don’t have a big problem with that, but if you do, consider it.
Happy Polishing!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

China Glaze - Black Diamond

Every now and then, I like to unleash my inner rock-star.
I received a comment from a fellow nail polish wearer named CJ from Texas who is a professional drummer, his post is right there at the poll page so you can read it. 

men who wear black nail polish

Anyway, because of that and to pay him homage for leaving his comment, I decided to wear black this time. I also played some drums a while back, although not as a pro, so we have something else in common besides loving to wear nail polish. Sometimes, specially during the winter, I like to wear some leather jackets in black, as well as biker boots. I also have some leather trousers that I wear on special occasion parties. But in winter times, I just expose my fingernails, rarely my toes.
men who wear black nail polish


Anyway, it is still summer weather here where I live, so I will be wearing black with sandals instead of boots. I love summer and fall because I can wear sandals and short sleeves, it is more my style, I wear bead and chain bracelets and big rings with a big watch, so in the winter they are put away  because they can be cumbersome wearing jackets or sweaters. 

men who wear black nail polish

So, having said that, I picked a black that is not a pitch black color. Although I do have some black blacks like China Glaze’s own “Vinyl”, but this time I went with China Glaze’s “Black Diamond”. This is a very good dark black with silver shimmer. As you can see on the photographs, when the sun hits it, is reflects the light quite nicely. As with some other dark colors, this black, being shimmery and not metallic, it is the kind of black you can dress up or dress down. It is not matte, although it kind of looks a bit like it is. I applied Seché Vite Top Coat over 3 layers of the color. It applied very thin at first, so it is definitely a three coat. China Glaze makes wonderful colors, and even though black is the absence of color, this black really stands out with it’s silver shimmer. Depending on your attire, it can look elegant and chic, or It can look edgy, either way, it’s going to look awesome. 

men who wear black nail polish

I am looking for a dark green shimmer for my next post, kind of dark olive green with some shimmer, leaning for BB Couture’s “Posse” or something along those lines. If you have some suggestions along those lines, please let me know.

Happy Polishing!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Before I begin, I would like to thank all the visitors who chime in with their comments. I have been receiving positive comments about the blog and that certainly motivates, but more than anything, what drives me to keep it up, is the fact that I can see the traffic and how it originates via the blog's analytics. Last Month I posted a small poll widget on the blog to see how many visitors were men. No surprise here, at least as far as the people who cared to put their two cents worth, 95% of visitors are male, just 5% are female. Of course those numbers will change, but the majority of visitors who voted, showed me that they wanted to interact. This blog has seen more than 10,000 visitors since it was created, and that is also a growing trend, so I see there is interest on the subject. Last but not least, the question’s and comments as well as the emails I receive show me this is not just a growing trend, it seems many men have been painting their toes for a very long time, they just don’t show them, so If I can put my two cents worth to help men shatter their fear and show their emotions and expressions thru nail polish, I will keep at it.

Purple, the color of royalty. There is something empowering about wearing this color. Since I am a Professional Photographer I see color a bit differently than most people. With my left side of the brain I see color as the reflection of light on different surfaces. Black is the absence of light, while white is the combination of all primary colors. It is my right side of the brain, that makes me feel the emotion that color brings out in me. It makes it even more enjoyable to appreciate colors when you understand and feel them at the same time. CHANEL does a fantastic job at combining different colors to create emotion when looking at their nail polishes.
With “Taboo” they have created, at least in my personal view, a very EMOTIONAL color. This to me is a POWERFUL shade. The base is a magenta and blue combination that turns out a beautiful deep cosmic violet shade. The kind you see on the Hubble telescope galaxy pictures. To top it all, they added bright red and blue sparkles that shimmer beautifully when the sun hits them, reinforcing even more the cosmic premise. I look at my nails and imagine small galaxies on each nail.
Under ambient lighting, it takes on a deeper purple, more absent of color, even though it looks nice enough, you will appreciate this more outside than indoors. This is by far, the best shade of purple I have tried, it is elegant, mysterious, edgy and classy at the same time. If you are a spiritual person, you will absolutely love this shade, it will help open awareness.
As with the other CHANEL colors I have tried, the formula is perfect, two coats will do, and it goes on smoothy. I love purple nail polish because it goes with just about everything, from blue jeans, to white pants, and it goes very nicely with  brown, gold, silver or black sandals. This is a keeper for me, I am sure it will be for you too. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

CHANEL - 667 - Bel Argus Limited Edition Summer 2013

Continuing with the CHANEL Sumer 2013 Series, this is Bel Argus, a Cobalt Blue that reminds me of a midnight starry summer night sky. There is something about CHANEL nail polish that is different from all the other brands. Aside from the price, which is very steep for nail polish, there is also the exclusivity factor, but it is really “unique” in some way.
Application is buttery, color goes on nicely and though it may seem very thin at first, it really goes on solid with just two coats. This is a relatively fast drying polish. I have worn my fair share of blues over time, but this one has to be by far, until now, the best of them, definitely a keeper for me. 

Like all dark blue’s, you can dress it up or dress it down. Since I “dressed down” the other blue’s I have worn on past postings, this time  I opted to “dress it up” a bit by wearing this polish with silver gladiator sandals and white trousers, a perfect outfit for summer that really make my toes in blue stand out. 

A particular thing I have noticed about CHANEL’s Summer 2013 line is the way they effectively catch the suns rays to “light the color up” when outside, as you can very well see from the pictures. 

When indoors under ambient lighting conditions during the day, the color seems a bit deeper, but still blue, no color change on this one.

When putting it directly under a fluorescent lamp, the color seems a bit more metallic, but I wouldn’t consider this a metallic color.  It is a very nice blue that really comes to life outdoors. 

Over time I have noticed that some nail polish colors are meant to be worn outdoors and other colors are meant to be worn indoor’s under fluorescent lighting conditions. I am personally not very fond of pictures of swatches under the lamp because even though it looks nice, unless you are always indoors and/or carrying a lamp with you, it can be deceiving. If you are a person who spends more time outdoors than indoors, than this color is for you. You will absolutely love how the sun makes this color come to life. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chanel Azure (657) Collectors Limited Edition

I was at a local department store last weekend and I walked by the Chanel counter where I saw this shiny bottle of paint that I liked so much I had a double take. When I turned my head slightly upward, I saw this big add for Chanel Nail Polish Summer 2013 colors. I had never seen a color such as this on nail polish, kind of green, kind of blue, the kind of greenish-blue that reminded me of the shallow seas of the Caribbean, like in Cancun or the Bahamas. This polish reflects the sun with a sparkling beauty that you have to see to believe. This is not exactly a holographic polish.  I had never splurged before on nail polish, but I caved in on this one. This is great quality polish, and at $27 a pop, it should be. Although it goes on thin at the first coat, two coats is enough for good overall cover. As always, I apply three coats. Of course, I prepped the nails before that with a good buff on the nail bed, primer and a base coat.
Topped it off with Seche Vite to give me a good two weeks of unchipped wear. Even though this is not a holographic color, I can perceive different shades under different lighting conditions. One thing that amazes me about this polish is the fact that unlike holographic colors, when in low light settings, it is more visible. I am not very much for bright colors, don’t typically like bright orange, yellows or bright greens, but this color seems electric, literally. When typing on my computer with just the light of the monitor hitting my nails, they seem like a blue metalic that seems “lit up”. When looking at them under direct sunlight, they look definitely green, but a greenish hue with sparkling shimmer al over. Sunlight make them more greenish, ambient light and/or fluorescent lighting make them look more blueish.
The less the light, the more metallic they look, kind of like an electric blue. A very nice surprise for me. Highly recommended if you like metallic and bright colors. This is definitely not your “low key” color, it screams at you, but in a very nice way.

If I have to give this Polish a rating, I will give it 5 bottles. It is like having 3 nail colors in one bottle. If you wear this to a night club, I can assure you, it will be the talk of the night. If you wear it to the beach, it will be a nice summer beach color. 

Happy Polishing!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What is the identity of a man who wears nail polish?

A couple of months ago, I recieved an email thru this blog from a journalist from Italy. She was doing some research for a future article of a nails magazine. The article in question was to be something related to nail polish and men. So to sum it all up, like any good journalist, she asked a very good question. I think she got more of an answer that she expected. I haven't seen or read the article or even know if what I wrote her made any difference to her article, but I did see that the cover of the magazine was related to men and nail polish in some form.  Since then, I have been recieving more and more emails and coments posted on the blog with questions of how I got started and more than anything, how I got around to actually start wearing nail polish openly. So I thought that posting what I replied to that journalist might help other people understand that wearing nail polish is really no big deal. 
So what was that question? She asked me, What is the identity of a man who wears nail polish?
That is a very simple question with a very complex answer. I can only speak for myself,  though, so the following long answer is what she got from me.
About Me:
I am a 45 year old heterosexual married man with 3 children. I am a Marketing consulting specialist and an Information Technology company owner. I am also a Professional Photographer, I have my own studio and do all kinds of photography, from commercial and fashion to portraits and weddings. You could say I am an entrepreneur, but I only venture into businesses I understand and I can control. I do not consider myself a risk taker. I do not like to depend on others. I say all this not to be pretentious, but so you can have a clear picture of my personality.  
I like to take care of myself, I wear my hair medium length with highlights, as you can clearly see on the self portrait I made. Yes I highlight my hair and color it. I started doing it to cover the grey hairs and then I decided to do some highlights and I liked it so I kept on doing it. I like pampering, I go to have manicures, pedicures, massages and facials every so often. I do not wear full make up (foundation, lipstick, cover makeup) but I do shape my eyebrows and sometimes use eyebrow liner to add definition, I sometimes wear eye shadow to ad a little bit of depth to my eyes, the kind of make up enhancement that goes unnoticed to the naked eye, not like a drag queen. I do not like body hair, so I remove it from my chest, back and legs. I do not like to wear women’s dresses and do not crossdress. Although I do have some women's garments that I like to mix with my male clothes, like some vests, a couple of "boyfriend" shirts, some scarfs and sarongs and even some tunics,  I do this not to pretend I am a woman, but simply because women 's clothing have more options when it comes to colors and textures. I am not trying to look like a woman either. I also do not wear woman's clothing because I have any fetishes.

About my style:

men who wear nail polish
My youngest daughter and me wearing a candy apple red from Sally Hansen

I do not consider myself a slave to fashion, I wear what I like and not what fashion magazines push on people. I also do not consider myself a trend setter, I just try to be myself. 

About Me wearing Nail Polish:
I wear nail polish on my fingernails and toes, color depends on my mood, but I mostly prefer dark or contrasting colors to my skin type. I am fair skinned so I prefer dark colors, I have worn blacks, blues, greens, reds, and browns, I prefer shimmery and metallics.
Dark Blue, Red, Holographic blue
I do  like some bright colors like fuchsia and light blues, but am not into yellow, hot pink, light greens,  or bright oranges. I change my nail polish every two weeks. I like my hands and my nails to be impeccable. I dislike chipped nails on me or any other person for that matter. When people ask why I do it, the answer is very simple, just because I like it. I tell them that I am the one looking at my nails most of the time, I see my hands when driving, writing checks, typing on my computer, preparing meals, taking a shower, etc. So I mostly do it for me, and not to show off or pretend to be something or someone I am not. That is why I like to wear rings and bracelets too, because I am looking at them, I do it for me.

Diamond Black from China Glaze

About other men who wear nail polish:
For what I have seen, men have been wearing nail polish for a long time now, but the problem for most of the men who do it and not wear it openly is FEAR. Which ever angle you might want to look at it, at the end of the day, it is only fear that keeps them from not just wearing nail polish openly, but to do many other things in their lives. Men who have not even tried it, but sometimes think of trying, do not do so out of FEAR.

men who love to wear nail polish
Purple, Deep Red and Black with my wife's silver toes

FEAR of what other people might say or think. FEAR that others will stereotype you as something you know you are not. FEAR of what reaction it will bring from friends and family. FEAR of what you can become for doing it. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. Many men wear nail polish on their toes only because they can cover them with their shoes and because they can wear it "SAFELY" (in there minds) privately at home. Some men only wear on their toes because of the kind of work they do, If they do manual labor, the polish does not last much. But this is the same with women. Our parents educate us to follow rules, and societal norms are imposed upon us sometimes with no common sense what so ever, but our education makes us follow those rules. We are educated not to think anymore, not to question, just to follow and do. If you look at children, they do not have any societal rules. It is fun for a child of any gender to play and paint their nails. It is just society and our own mental barriers that we impose upon us that change that over time. Speaking for myself, at my age, I have come to understand that fear is mental and having said that, no one controls my mind but myself. When it comes to the way I present myself, I make my own rules, and being my own rules, I can change them, break them or create new ones. They are after all, MY RULES. I am not breaking any law or offending anyone. If any one finds it offensive to look at my painted nails, they always have the option of not looking at them. As a nail polish wearing PERSON, I like choice. As a nail polish addict, we are always looking for new colors. To me, color has no gender, so I do not like it when cosmetic companies market NAIL POLISH FOR MEN. They tend to offer what many call “safe colors” or “masculine colors”. I strongly disagree with this. I understand that it is a business or marketing strategy, but it only further boxes us men into what we can  or must not do, or wear or do not wear. Personally, I do not like the color selection that some companies like alpha nail, man glaze or evolution man offer “for men”, they are very limited some even boring. Only BB couture has a bit more choice. But when it comes to choice, why limit ourselves? In my personal point of view, nail polish companies should market to an open mixed market, not to a specific gender Market.
China Glaze Magentix "Cling On"

Polish selection should not be “for men” of “for women” but rather for what they are “bright colors”, “dark colors”, “metallic”, “holographic”, etc. When you get what nail polish is all about, you understand it is all about choice, you are always looking for a nice new color shade, so it would seem contradictory that you limit yourself to what “male nail polish” colors are available. Last December, I fell in love with a red called “malice” from Chanel, good luck finding something similar in the men’s section. There is also a slew of new independent nail polish makers that are booming with business because of their unique color mixtures.
For what I have read and seen on other blogs, most of the males who wear nail polish openly, are either under the age of 15 or over the age of 40, because of the points I made before. The under 15 boys are fearless naturally, they still have no malice, the over 40 males, have matured enough that they come to dominate their fears to the point that they don't care what people say and think anymore and are just enjoying life. It is the 15 to 40 age range crowd that are still discovering who they are, and that maybe have more trouble accepting themselves, and in that process tend to be more followers of trends or norms.
For what I can read in the analytics of this blog, I can see thousands of visits, The spinning globe on the right sidebar already has passed the 40,000 visit mark, yet only a few followers and very few comments. That straightens even more my theory that only FEAR is what is holding back men from wearing nail polish. I say this, because I know the key words that my blog is anchored on, and I once searched on the subject using the same key words. Some years ago, I started to search for “men who wear nail polish” or “men that paint their nails” or “nail polish for men trend”, only to come to the realization that I was doing it only to “justify my actions”. When I realized this, I just stopped searching and decided that there surely must be other men out there just like me, so I created this blog. The mere fact that society “forgives” male celebrities from wearing nail polish and your average Joe is “forbidden” is beyond any logical explanation. 

These are may favorite pair of sandals, bought them in South Korea
So what kind of men wear nail polish? I think bold, secure and fearless men do. Men who have a sense of style, men who lead and not follow. Men who make their own rules.  Men who enjoy life and are comfortable with how they present themselves.
I don’t know if this is the kind of answer you were looking for of the kind of answer that may help you, you got here, you tell me. If you have any other questions I will be glad to answer them. You can either post them openly, or as other people have experienced, you can email me directly. I take the time to answer all email.
Men tend not to open up to women and/or treat women equally also out of FEAR. It is so contradictory that humanity educates men to be the strong, independent and fearless yet when it comes to a simple thing like self expression, they restrain from showing their emotions thru simple actions like painting their nails.
Also because of FEAR, they educate us men to restrain or hide deep within us  our emotions and our appreciation for beauty. Self expression thru color and nail polish is an emotionally driven form of expression, and many men restrain from painting their nails out of  fear that it will make them vulnerable. We are beings created from the strongest emotion there is, LOVE, so why should we restrain our emotions because of our gender?
Men are CONDITIONED to restrain emotions, they tell us “men don’t cry” and so on.
An example of the way men restrain emotions out of fear is the following;  If we look at at a pretty woman on the street, we will check her out, appreciate her, enjoy the view and even sometimes express it thru a verbal action, because, it is “accepted”, some women like it, but many don’t and even find it offensive. But if we see a beautiful man, first of all, we automatically cancel the words BEAUTIFUL OR PRETTY when judging a man's beauty, and use the words, HANDSOME, GOOD LOOKING, STRIKING, NICE LOOKING or anything else. Then, we look away. We know and accept the fact that a man has beauty, be it a beautiful face or pretty eyes,  but most men will just cancel the thought of even judging a man's beauty out of fear that people will judge them if they keep looking for more than a split second, or that they might become gay for doing it, which by the way, will not happen. It is all in our minds. FEAR is a negative emotion of a future event, and guess what, the future does not exist! Only the NOW exists. In other words, why would you fear something that might not ever come? 
Now, for the sake of equality, it happens to women also. Some women find it “weird” or “not right” and even “totally wrong” when they express their opinions about men wearing nail polish, I have even heard "If they want to" but "not on my man!". So guess what, the same explanation applies to them. FEAR has no gender.
So be fearless, be bold, look for and find your own style. Make your own rules, enjoy life, stand up to your individual rights. And If you want to wear nail polish or wear a skirt, so be it. Share the blog and spread the word. Men can wear nail polish!
If you liked this read, feel free to express your opinion, that is what it’s all about. If you do not agree, you can also post what ever your opinion is, but be prepared to receive a reply.