Thursday, September 18, 2014

OPI "Alpine White"

We just had a monster heat wave where I live and thought about going all white on my nail polish. I had already begun my transition to fall colors, when I realized that I had not worn white before. 

I am not a big fan of very bright colors, and that might have something to do with that, but white is one color that I like very much. Like black, it can be elegant and casual at the same time. It will look cool at the beach and chic at the night club.
At first it was the weather that got me in the mood for all white, it is very hot right now, but after I pondered at it a bit, I got inspired by two of my favorite movie franchises, star wars, and star trek. 
All white inspires cleanliness, futuristic landscapes and a high sense of style. Just look at the stormtrooper, the rebel ship deck and the Enterprise. Clean, modern, futuristic, elegant.

 For this post, my five year old daughter wanted to get into the act. She had her tiny toes and fingers done in a french mani with some flower decorations. She just loves that I wear polish and she also likes to wear polish. It is mom that won’t let her do it often, maybe on some long weekends or on vacation because of school. Anyway, she likes when daddy and her can wear the same color.
For this endeavor I picked OPI’s “Alpine White” that I used for a previous nail design. Like all OPI colors I have tried before, this is pro grade. Nice streak free application and three coats and a top coat will cover like gel. If you prep the nail with a buff and you use primer and a base coat, you nails with last two to three weeks. So if your neck of the woods is also going thru a heat wave, or you want to try something stylish, you can go all white for the remainder of summer which is just days away, or you can also wear it thru the fall and winter. Until next time, Happy Polishing!