Monday, November 16, 2015

My Kind of French MANicure

Hello my fellow polishers! 

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I was absent for a while. 

My life has had some twists and turns that have absorbed my time quite a bit. All changes, fortunately,  are for the good and advancement of myself. 

Some of these changes are job related and others are spiritual related. But all is more than good. 

Due to these changes I just haven’t been looking to purchase new nail polish shades, so no new swatches have been posted because of that. 

The purpose of the blog was not in any form intended to be a “nail polish review” blog, but somehow, that was the form it took. 

Letting it sit for a while has given me the time to refocus the main objective of this blog. It is OK for men to wear nail polish. 

These last couple of months I have been going to the salon to have my nails done with gel polish. 

french manicure with color
I started doing them with gel polish more than anything because I didn't have time to go shopping for nail polish. On occasions where I would go shopping, I just didn't feel enamored of any particular shade I saw at the stores. Everything I saw was very close to something I already had.

One time I went to have my nails done and I saw a very nice pink with blue shimmer polish. When I asked my nail tech to apply it, she told me it was gel polish, so from that point forward, I have been doing gel ever since.

I have always loved shiny top coats, and I have to admit, you can’t beat gel polish for that. Even Seché Vite, which has the best top coat shine for regular polish, can't match gel top coats.

nail art for males
As far as how long it lasts, now that I am wearing longer nails, I am more conscious about them and take better care of how I handle things to avoid breaking a nail. So for me at least, both regular nail polish and gel based nail polish is the same when it comes to how long it lasts. I almost always outgrow them before they chip.

I have always liked french manicures but never did any on my nails because from my point of view, the nails have to be a bit longer for the french to look nice. Also, french manicures look very nice and clean, but a bit boring for my taste. Si I opted to have the french effect with color.  
men who paint their nails

I have also been experimenting with different color combinations and white tip length.

Nevertheless, I let my nails grow so I could sport a nice french manicure, and let me tell you, unless I need to cut my nails short for some very strong reason, I don't intend to shorten them any time soon.

Letting my nails grow just a bit has been a very pleasant experience for me. They are great for scratching. I just love to scratch my scalp and run my nails thru my hair ( I wear my hair long) and they are fabulous to scratch my back. 

Anyway, I hope you keep coming back to read my blog. I will be posting more, but less often. I will be venturing into other kinds of activities and traits that are considered "female", but that when we start to discern about them, we can come to the clear conclusion that we make them like that, but that there is no real solid reason why they should be that way. We have the power to change things. Of course, nail polish in no exception. Remember, one of the universal immutable laws is that everything is constantly changing. 

In the mean time, Happy Polishing!