Friday, February 27, 2015

Butter London “Disco Biscuit”

Even though we are just finishing February, I wanted to express the feeling of this beautiful month. The month of Aquarius. The unconventional. The month of Love.
I was browsing thru Pinterest and came across a photograph of a swatch from Butter London “Disco Biscuit” and I was awe struck.
Only one other nail polish color has moved me so much as this one, and that was Chanel “Taboo”. This is my first time wearing hot pink nail polish and I have to say, I love it. I have pale pink shirts and pink ties, but aside from the light pink base used for french manicures, this is my first pink nail polish. The first thing I just loved about this polish were the blue sparkles that it has. The contrast of the blue with the hot pink of the base, works extremely well.
This is my first Butter London nail polish, so aside from the color, I did not know what to expect. The verdict for me is not so great. The color is very thin, I usually apply 3 coats of polish, but this was so thin that I had to apply 5 coats on top of the base coat for the color to really come through like you see it on the bottle.  That poses a problem because there is not enough time for the polish to dry and the later coats become chewy. Three coats definitely wont cut it unless you are ok with partial coverage. The square bottle is ok to hold and the brush is fairly decent. Color is absolutely wonderful if you can get full coverage. One of the things I noticed is that the polish dries to a mate finish, so if you like mate finish you will love it. I opted to apply high shine Seche Vite high gloss top coat. All in all, I ended up with mixed feelings about this polish. The color is extremely beautiful but the quality of the polish itself  is not as good as the color. The mate finish was also unexpected. Color wise it is a keeper, but it is definitely nothing I would buy again. If I had to give this a rating, I would give it just 3 bottles. Until next time, happy polishing!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Morgan Taylor's "Time to Shine" and L.A. Colors "Blue Lagoon"

I guess it’s a little late, but Happy New Year! Being January still, I think it is in order. Better late than never.

men who paint their nails 2015

Anyway. Something curious happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My 5 y/o daughter, like most 5 year olds, Is a fan of Disney's Frozen.  So I wanted to surprise her doing a Frozen inspired nail color combo. I gave some color combos a thought. Aqua Blue, White and Deep Blue. I also thought about getting some white and silver. I ended up using an old favorite called “Blue Lagoon” from L.A. colors and a previously unknown to me  called “Time to Shine” by Morgan Taylor.  
men theme nail polish frozen disney

I did not want to get too elaborate with nail art, I just wanted it to be enough to get noticed by my daughter and just enough to try to get as close to the Frozen theme. When I finished applying “Time to Shine” I was awestruck. I just discovered that I LOVE GLITTER! Wow! I have to say, I did not get why so much people love glitter, I guess the child in all of us goes into hiding. Now I get it and I am not putting it away. Combining it with “Blue Lagoon” makes it pop even more. I applied it on two nails as accents and I have to say, I just loved the way it looks.

morgan taylor frozen nail polish nail art for men
“Blue lagoon” is my “go to” color when I feel I want to wear a dark blue nail polish shade. It really applies very smoothly, perfect viscosity, great nail brush. Three coats to make it last. When it came to “Time to Shine” I thought that it would be a 4 or 5 coat. Many glitter formulas come in transparent polish so It you want to get full coverage of glitter, it can be tricky. Fortunately, “Time to Shine” comes with a grey-silver base, so I just used the usual 3 coats on top of my base coat. Finished it of with “Seche Vite” top coat and used “Fast Dry” drops from Orly. I encourage you to try glitter on at least one of you nails if you have not done it already. At least you will know if you like it or not. Believe me, it is not the same looking at some one else nails with glitter that looking at your own nails with it. I have become a fan of glitter. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Orly - "Haute Red"

First and foremost……

men painting their nails blog

In the spirit of the holiday festivities, I decided on red nail polish for this post.  This is Orly’s “Haute Red” nail polish. It is a classic. Even though it’s not gel based, this cream color base spreads like butter on the nail.
red polish on men
Orly now makes most of it’s color’s on both gel and regular nail polish, so it you like this red and would like it on gel, it is available.

Before I tried this color, I had an old favorite on, “red velvet” by Cherimoya with a couple of accented nails using Orly “Lux”.

nail designs for men red nail polish and gold nail polish
There is something about red nail polish that is so cool to look at. Personally it feels empowering. So many reds out there that it is impossible to name them all. I have my own share and the stash keeps growing. 

Just to finalize this post, I would like to make a point on the poll results so far. Close to half of the poll respondents, 46% do not care what people might think. Kudos to all those who live happy and do not live by what others think. But it seems that FEAR is still a big factor on why men don’t wear nail polish. Close to 35% of poll respondents are still afraid of what people might say. Just 18% of respondents don’t want to be labeled as something they are not, which is a valid reason, but still, falls into the “what might others think or say” category. 

winter nail polish colors for men

I say go for it! and make it a new years resolution to live your life to the fullest and fearlessly. If you fall into that 35% or even that 18% bracket, and would like to wear nail polish, go ahead, you will never look back and I guarantee you will feel empowered.

Happy Polishing!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


It has been a while since I posted, sorry for that, but I have been a little tied up at work. But hey, here I am, still kicking. 
I am currently wearing a very nice shade from ESSIE. This is actually the first time I give ESSIE a try and I have to say, I absolutely love this color.
men who wear nail polish
I like to wear deep greens this time of year. When I first saw this shade on the shelf of my local Walgreen’s I thought it was a dark metallic grey. It is from ESSIE's Snakeskin magnetic collection.
This is the kind of polish that has metal on it so you can put a magnet to it. The name is “Crocadilly” and like the name suggests, it is a dark crockadile green with a metallic overtone.

I have to say, I like it very much. This has to be my favorite olive green to date. The fact that this is has metal in it actually serves it better because the consistency of the polish is so much nicer, it kind of glides smoothly when you apply it. I really didn’t care to put the magnet effect over the polish, which it is like a snakeskin or crocodile skin effect, but without the effect, it looks metallic.  I really picked it for the color from the bottle, not for the effect, and let me tell you, when I finished applying it.... WOW!

I like it so much that it has been almost a month since I first tried it on and I have done my nails twice now with the same color, which is very rare for me. 

I love greens because I can wear them with mustard colors, blacks, khaki, greens, browns, etc., perfect for the fall/winter season.

I really don’t know if it is the metal formula, but the only thing I noticed and I did not like about this polish is that it chipped a bit after just 6 days. I usually prep my nails and polish lasts on me for at least 10 to 12 days without chipping, but for whatever reason, this polish chipped way before, never the less, I give it 4 out of 5 bottles as a rating. If you like magnet polishes, you are going to love this, If you like dark green’s you are going to love this too. If you ask me, this is a must for any avid nail polish addict's collection. Until next time!
Happy Thanks Giving and Happy Polishing!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

OPI "Alpine White"

We just had a monster heat wave where I live and thought about going all white on my nail polish. I had already begun my transition to fall colors, when I realized that I had not worn white before. 

I am not a big fan of very bright colors, and that might have something to do with that, but white is one color that I like very much. Like black, it can be elegant and casual at the same time. It will look cool at the beach and chic at the night club.
At first it was the weather that got me in the mood for all white, it is very hot right now, but after I pondered at it a bit, I got inspired by two of my favorite movie franchises, star wars, and star trek. 
All white inspires cleanliness, futuristic landscapes and a high sense of style. Just look at the stormtrooper, the rebel ship deck and the Enterprise. Clean, modern, futuristic, elegant.

 For this post, my five year old daughter wanted to get into the act. She had her tiny toes and fingers done in a french mani with some flower decorations. She just loves that I wear polish and she also likes to wear polish. It is mom that won’t let her do it often, maybe on some long weekends or on vacation because of school. Anyway, she likes when daddy and her can wear the same color.
For this endeavor I picked OPI’s “Alpine White” that I used for a previous nail design. Like all OPI colors I have tried before, this is pro grade. Nice streak free application and three coats and a top coat will cover like gel. If you prep the nail with a buff and you use primer and a base coat, you nails with last two to three weeks. So if your neck of the woods is also going thru a heat wave, or you want to try something stylish, you can go all white for the remainder of summer which is just days away, or you can also wear it thru the fall and winter. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sally Hansen 230 "Plum Power"

There is something about purple. It spells Royalty, finesse, chicness. There are many shades out there.
I have tried various kinds, one my favorites being Chanel’s “Taboo” with it’s sparkly red and blue shimmer that make it look like a little galaxy. 

I thought that I would never look at another purple that would captivate me like taboo, but low and behold “Plum Power” from Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail color line. 

This is a magnificent color, it is definitely a keeper. Sally Hansen is a sure bet for quality. Just the right amount of viscosity for a three coat flawless application and perfect coverage.
This is a perfect color to start making the transition from summer to fall. One of the things I just love about this shade is the fact that it is not quite a metallic shade nor is it a creme.

No shimmer or glitter, just pure pearl finish. Just like the fruit when it's maturing, this nail polish tone varies depending on the light and the angle you look at it. I personally think it is a very special tone and finish. 

I just love how this color contrasts with gold. It goes very well with earthly fall season colors. It contrasts wonderfully with green tones and it looks fabulous with gray.

If you like dark jewel tone colors like me, you will absolutely fall in love with this one. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Over the last few weeks I have been trying on a new brand of nail polish brand named Morgan Taylor.

They are a new company as far as I know. Have not heard of them before until now. They market as professional grade nail polish. For what I understand, the professional meaning is that they have secure and reliable brushes as well as trending colors. 

They seem different, from the bottle to the brush. As nail polishers know, we are always looking for more variety. There can never be so much colors. We always want more, we always want  something different. 

I tried three of the newest colors they have. “Going Native”, “Varsity Jacket Blues” and “Stop, Shop & Roll”, the last one being my favorite.

Polish consistency is pretty good, the brush seems pretty good also. For being marketed as professional grade, they seem to fit the bill nicely.

I tried them all with three coats. Of course every time before I applied the polish, I buffed the nail bed, applied primer and base coat. After three coats I topped it of with Seche Vite top coat. I just love the shiny finish.

I just loved how “Varsity Jacket Blues” stood out. It seemed electric. Not quite neon, but bright enough to get your attention. Love it on my toes. Never got tired of it. It has just the right amount of brightness for me, not to distracting, but enough to enjoy it and know it is there.

“Going Native” is a sea green color. It was nice, the kind that you can wear with black, brown or green clothing. But not something I would go out of the way to get though. It applied very well and even seemed like gel polish. No streaks  or lines left from the brush. I am not knocking it, but I would not repeat it.

Now when I tried “Stop, Shop & Roll” I had the most compliments I have had with any nail polish I have worn to date. 
Depending on the light source It is a green june bug or jewel rhinoceros beetle color. It also looks like a peacock feather green/blue. 

I have to say it is AMAZING. The closest comparison I have to this color attention getting wise is CHANEL “Peridot” of Missha HGR01, but still, to me, Morgan Taylor’s is even more stunning. This is definitely a keeper for me, if you like bright pearl greens you will love it. 

With summer in full swing now, I have been experimenting with lighter colors. I am leaning toward light blues, light greens, and even some bright blues, though not as bright as neon, but still brighter that I am used to. 

I have to say, the feeling I get wearing these colors is  EMPOWERING. I really don’t know why, but that is the way it makes me feel. So go ahead, wear some nail polish and experience the power. Happy Polishing!