Tuesday, April 22, 2014

L.A. Colors "Aquatic"

Spring is in the air, sunny weather, easter eggs, chocolate, swimming pools. I rarely post twice in a month, but this time I just could not resist this blue. It reminded me of some blue shirts that I have. I also have a blue watch, some blue shoes and many blue ties. 

So I was walking down my local drugstore and this shiny blue bottle caught my eye. My first impression was that it was too bright a blue. I usually don’t go for bright colors on nail polish, but this time, there was something about this blue that begged me to try it on. 

With the easter festivities coming I thought, why not!. I mean, we paint our cars blue, we wear blue clothing, so why not paint my nails with this blue. After all, blue is a color for boys right? Riiiiiight…. 

Anyway, I have to say that I just love it! I think I have not had so many compliments on my nails since I wore Malice from Chanel.
The brightness on this tone is an attention getter, but in a good way. It is the kind of color, that even though it is not a holographic, metallic or shimmer, you can contemplate it again and again. Several people even thought I was wearing Gelish.  This cream based blue is called Aquatic from L.A. Colors, it’s from their color craze line. I have to say, until now, I have not had an L.A. Colors nail polish that I do not just love.
It is a three coater, goes on smooth and does not streak, as you can clearly see from the photographs. It is a keeper for me, I am sure you will love it too. Until next time! Happy Polishing!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nail Designs for men? You Bet!

I have been wanting to get some nail art done for some time now, the only thing that stopped me from doing it is the fact that most nail art designs I saw, were not appealing to me. 

I like subtle yet elegant designs. Something with meaning that at the same time will capture attention but won’t be a distraction. Something that would express my style and personality, and not something that I would just have done just for the sake of following a trend.  

If you are a guy and are new to nail polish or are exploring the idea of painting your nails, think of it this way, If you were contemplating getting a tattoo, would you just pick any design? Of course not!. 

I get that a nail polish design is not permanent, but still, having it done just because I could, was just not me. I like things with meaning. 
Liking symbols and their meanings, one of the most influential symbols I love is the “fleur de lis”, so I got inspired for blue and gold from a picture I saw that let me to other blue/gold combinations, like a neck tie and a Rolex watch, like I said, capture attention yet not distracting. 

I also like medieval themes, I like medieval clothing, the fabrics and designs with embroidery. Being Easter time, I decided to have this design done to be in sync with the carnival festivities around the globe. 

I used three different nail polish colors to achieve this. Orly “Lux”, L.A. Colors “Blue Lagoon” and OPI “Alpine Snow”. I wanted something that looked modern, medieval, carnival, kind of a harlequin design and elegant at the same time.
I first applied all the colors on their respective nail and went thru all the drills, you know, file, buffer, prime, base, color and top coat and waited till next day. 

To achieve the design, I used some strips with adhesive to form the diamond design and I painted inside each diamond with the respective colors, Orly “lux” and L.A. colors “blue lagoon”. I let it dry and removed the strips, revealing the white under it. I then applied two layers of top coat to seal it and enjoy it for at least two to three weeks. Remember, decision is the power that you have over anyone and is what determines our destiny. I have worn this for the past two weeks and have gotten only compliments. The feeling you get when you look at your painted nails and nail design is pretty difficult to describe, I would just encourage you to try it. Forget about what people think, forget about what people might say, believe me, It is a pretty awesome feeling. Don't miss on it!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I am anxiously waiting for the fourth season of my favorite TV series. One of the things I like about Game of Thrones is the contrast that exist between the different kingdoms.

From the desolate ice wall near Winterfell, to Kings Landing or Qarth’s grandeur to the darkness of Harrenhal. With a few exceptions, Game of Thrones is as dark a TV show as they come. Crude, Rude and to the bones. And as always, the books are better. 

This is the first time I have worn pure black nail polish. I chose Orly’s “Liquid Vinyl” because I wanted to somehow look a bit dark without having to look like a rock star or an emo, I thought I could achieve this by wearing very glossy instead of matte. This was to pay homage to my favorite TV show and the black three eyed crows. This polish wears more like a rubber cat suit, goes on very nicely, with a creamy wet finish. As always, I topped it of with Seché-VIte Top Coat. Looks very edgy.
I paired it with my Game of Thrones sandals and love the look. Two coats will do to cover well but three are much better. I seldom wear cream colors, but this black is a cream that I can wear many times over.
Orly polishes are professional grade, they apply very well. This nail polish, based not on color but on consistency, brush, and finish deserves a 5 bottle rating.
Love the finish,  It should work great as a base for nail art or to combine with other top coats with sparkles or shimmer as well as for stamping, the kind of must have for all occasions. Until next time, Happy Polishing!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

OPI - "Inni Minni Mighty Bow"

Hello Again! As promised, here is the second post for this month.

To celebrate February, the love and friendship month, I went back to red. This time with a little more sparkle. This is OPI’s “Inni Minni Mighty Bow”. I have been wearing this since my last post. 

By far reds have to be my favorite shade, I love reds because not only can you dress it up or dress it down, but it goes well with almost anything. You can wear red with brown earthly colors, you can wear red with white, blue, black, you name it, it is very versatile color. Red also has very much significance, it can project power, ambition, romance, I mean, I can go on and on about it. 

Of course there are different kinds of red shades and in nail polish, different kinds of finishes, but all in all, you can't go wrong with red. If you like reds or deep jewel tone colors like me, this is a must have for your collection. 

Just for fun and for the sake of Valentines, I picked this color which has a nice rich red base with a bright pink shimmer on it.
Depending on the light source hitting it, this shade will either seem kind of raspberry red or kind of candy apple red. It reminds me some of Sally Hansen’s “Unbreakable Heart” when it tends to look more candy apple. As with all OPI polishes I have tried, it goes on smooth and it is just right, not to thick or not too thin. It applies very well with two coats, but as always, I applied three coats on top of my base coat and primer, topped it off with Seche Vite for a long lasting two chip-less weeks of wear. I will end it on that note just to keep it shot and sweet.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ORLY - Sea Gurl

Hi you all! It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry for the delay, no excuses here. Just been putting it off for other stuff. January came and went by and I did not upload my start of the year polish. I will make it up by doing it this month and posting twice, and since I already had the photographs from last month, here they are.

I got the inspiration for this color from fashion magazines. I saw that metallics are trending, specially silvers, golds and coppery colors in shoes (I got a couple of metallic sandals I am dying to wear once the weather permits by the way), bags and accessories are also trending silver and gold metallic, so I had a good pretext to use a color I was given as a present over the Christmas holidays. 

This is ORLY - Sea Gurl. It is a very interesting color. It looks kind of metallic silver, but it is actually a greenish grey that has silver shimmer on it. I thought it would be a great color to wear in January, kind of wintery grey.

This is one color shade that does not vary much from light source to light source. It looks exactly the same when the sun is hitting it directly, or if you are looking at it under ambient or fluorescent lighting. 

It is very much like any cream color when it comes to color consistency under different lightning conditions, but the difference with this color, is the silver shimmer they added to it. 

It goes on very smoothly, Orly polishes are professional grade, not very thin to be a shimmery polish. As always I went with 3 coats for a good 2 week chip-less application.

I give this Orly color a 5 bottle rating, I think this neutral, kind of metallic look and shimmery color is great not just for winter, but for any time of the year. 

It can look edgy with a leather jacket and you can dress it up with a tuxedo, or dress it down with an untucked sleeves rolled up dress shirt. A very good color to have on any collection, you will not be disapointed.

Until the next post, happy polishing!

Friday, November 22, 2013


We are just days away from thanksgiving. Once we leave that celebration behind, the Christmas countdown begins. Away with the orange, brown and autumn colors. It is time to express the Christmas spirit and celebrate the holidays that mark the year end and new beginning. 
Reds have to be my favorite shade. Lucky for me, there is an abundance of red pigmented nail polishes. I had been putting of wearing what has to be my favorite shade of red for about a year now. Although it is not a new color, it is an everlasting classic by now that many nail polish manufacturers have tried to emulate unsuccessfully.
Even though some have come very very close, there is still nothing like Chanel’s “Malice”. A special limited edition color from Chanel, “Malice” is simply stunning. It is a deep jewel tone burgundy red color that ads enough shimmer to make it stand when put under the sun.
It is elegant, the kind of color that screams “chic” and is the perfect color to wear all thru the holidays.

Under ambient light it tends to look deeper with more brownish tints. This polish has something unique to it. Instead of the usual shimmer it gives of a “velvety” look. Malice is definitely not for everyone, aside from the steep price, it seems engineered for the counselor or demanding nail polish wearer, It applies nicely in two coats with a shiny finish. Of course I applied three coats as usual and even though this particular nail polish does not need a top coat to make it shiny, I applied Seche Vite top coat for a long chip-less 15 day wear.
This is definitely a 5 bottle rating nail polish, a very nice addition to any nail polish collection. It is hard to find at the regular selling price these days. If you find it a half decent price, grab it, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Holidays and Happy Polishing!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

OPI - Deutsch you want me baby?

November, the last month before we enter the years end. There is something special about November. The final stretch you could say. All around the world there are special rituals and festivities in the month. It all starts on the sunset of October 31st with what we know as Halloween, but in actuality it started as “Samhain”, which is still celebrated to this day and is a pagan celebration that marks the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the “darkness” season and is an Irish/Scottish tradition.  

India has “Diwali”, and although it may fall between the middle of October and the middle of November, that festival of lights is one of the most important festivities of the whole year. It celebrates the good over evil theme, hence the “light” will always prevail over darkness. 

The same can be said for Mexico’s “Dia de Muertos” (day of the dead), second only to Guadalupe’s Virgin Day and Christmas in importance, it is where people remember their family members who have departed from this world. 

Spain celebrates San Bartolomé de Pinares Festival every November and the British have Guy Faukes Night every November 5th.  

Of course there is the American tradition of “Thanksgiving” where as with Mexico’s Day of the Dead tradition, Thanksgiving is next to Christmas and Easter, the most important Holliday in America, if not the most. 

It is also celebrated in Canada, Puerto Rico and Liberia. One of the things I like most about “Thanksgiving” is that this celebration is mostly non-religious, even though it is rooted by the Protestant Catholic Church, today we have Roman Catholic Thanksgiving Mass, but everything was inspired by the church from England. It has since morphed into a mostly non-religious good harvest celebration that can go cross religion, which in my personal point of view, is a good thing.

My personal opinion is that it can be celebrated by all religions because it really does not really touch on any religious themes, except for the fact that we give thanks to “The Lord”, “God”, the “Creator” or whatever name you want to give it. We can give thanks to our neighbor, our family or whom ever we want. It is about being “Grateful”. 

Even the Japanese celebrate “Labor Thanksgiving Day” influenced by the American occupation after the second World War.  

What do all these festivities have in common? Orange! They have in some way or another the colors of fall and fire. Red, Orange, Yellow or any combination of these. 

That is why I picked OPI - Deutsch you want me baby? As my last fall season color.

This is for my taste, the best burnt orange color yet. Not a new color though, it is from OPI’s Germany Collection introduced in 2012. 
The more I use OPI’s line of polishes the more I like them. Their quality is consistent. It is a burnt orange color with a very visible red saturation. The photograph where I hold a tomato tells it more than words can.  

It reminds me very much of Sally Hansen’s “Unbreakable Heart”, although it has some orange shimmer to it, I would not consider this a shimmery color, looks more metallic than shimmery, specially under artificial lighting.  

The kind of metallic that reminds me of christmas tree ornaments. What I like about this color is the fact that it maintains it’s color and does not morph into other shades like other colors I have tried. it preserves it’s color consistently across all lighting conditions.  

Application went on very smoothly, not streaky at all. Three coats are needed to achieve total flawless coverage. This is a keeper for any collection. 

Five bottles as a rating. Get it while you can if you don’t already own this. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Polishing!