Tuesday, September 11, 2012

men that paint their nails it are “fruits-fruits”, as in their sexuality is of the gay persuasion

Men can wear nail polish if they are BOLD and have a fashion sense. It does not make them gay, transgender, cross-dressers or any other of those things. It also does not put men on a path to any of the before mentioned. Men now a days color their hair, wear piercings, wax their eye brows, wax their body, have manicures and pedicures, have facials done and wear make up, and I am not talking about eyeliner, i am talking about concealer to hide those dark circles under the eyes and lipgloss. I do not agree that doing any of those things makes you less manly, it certainly will make you less macho but not less manly. One thing is certain, NOT ALL MEN CAN WEAR ANY, ALL, OR SOME AT ONE GIVEN TIME AND LOOK GOOD. It is a matter of style, grooming and personality. As a man, you have to have a very secure and strong personality. It should also not be limited to weekends. Women dress up for the workplace also, and that includes nails, why should men not be able to? A man can have beautiful looking hands and also not loose his masculine look even if the fingernails are painted. Masculine looking hands are defined by various things, including and not limited to size, body hair, and nail length and form. If men wear nail polish on fingernails, the color they wear also defines how masculine of feminine the look is. Not all mens fingers look good with nail polish, it depends on the shape of the nails also. if they have extremely short nails due to bitting or extremely round nails, it does not look as good as well taken care of nails there are kind of square, and this applies to both men and women. So yes, men should polish their nails if they so desire, but not all men will pull it off in a style sense. Not all people will agree or like it even if it looks good, but who are they to tell you how to dress or style?

Wearing nail polish will lead you to a path where you might end up wearing women’s clothing and maybe you will turn into a transvestite or cross-dresser.

This is so ridiculous, but I’ve heard it before. How can painting your nails turn you into a transvestite or cross-dresser? It’s ridiculous really, but I had to put it here because sometimes peoples ignorance supersedes them. Sometimes I think people believe that nail polish is prepared with some fairy dust or something. In my humble experience in life, the more people bash, critique or are against something is because they are more scared or are afraid that other people find out about their true selves. As an example, some homophobic’s are homosexuals themselves, but are closet homosexuals. They tend to have high profile jobs and are afraid to “come out” because of fear so they do the opposite to “blend”. One thing is certain though, the more you understand these issues, the more you tend to loose your fears. 

Wearing nail polish is just for girls, so men who wear it are gay

So in this line of thinking (things that are typically associated to women), I will have to assume that:

Scotts who wear kilts (mens skirts) are gay
Ancient Romans who wore sarongs and dresses were gay
Japanese Samurai Warriors who wore armored skirts were gay
Mexican Aztec Warriors who wore skirts and painted their faces were gay
Ancient Egyptian men were gay because they also wore skirts and painted their nails and also wore eyeliner
All male actors and anchor newsmen  who wear make up are gay
Chinese kings and upper class who painted their nails were gay
All Men who use chap stick are gay
Hawaii, Samoan and all South Pacific native men who wear skirts are gay
All men with earrings are gay

And I can go on and on....... When I finish the list, I guess only 1% of men WILL NOT BE GAY! 

But seriously, not that being gay is good or bad, being gay is a sexual preference, not a sense of style or fashion. Many people are so confused that they don't even know the difference between the two.

Men who wear nail polish loose their manliness, or wearing nail polish is not manly.

Many people tend to confuse what being manly is. They confuse manly, with macho, and masculinity with butch. Masculinity has evolved over time. Constructs of masculinity vary across historical and cultural contexts. The dandy man, for instance, was regarded as an ideal of masculinity in the 19th century, but is considered effeminate by modern standards. But, who sets those standards? Do we really need to “behave”, “dress” and choose our appearance by what others consider to be the norm? I personally think that as long as we don't brake any law, verbally offend someone or attempt against others, we can choose by ourselves if we want to look different and dress or style ourselves as we wish. I think nail polish on men is like a tattoo on women. If the personality suits the person, and the individual wears it well, so be it. So no, wearing paint on your nails, will not make you loose your manliness, in fact, Totally opposite to that, having the guts, character and personality to wear nail polish openly in public, make you more of a man than many other men who would like to but are “afraid” of what people might think or say. Wearing nail polish will definitely not make you look macho, so If you want to look like a man that is very macho, don’t wax, don’t shave, don’t wear nail polish, don’t wear open toe sandals, and definitely don’t wear any clothing with pink, purple or flowers. Oh, and don’t forget to spit. To me, a typical macho man = uneducated, retrograde man, but again it is just M.H.O.

Real MEN do not wear nail polish.

First of all, let’s define what a real man is. A real MAN, has to be at least 21, otherwise, he is still a boy. And even then, some men mature more slowly than others, thus, acting like boys instead of men. What makes a real man? Character and responsibility are the first two things that come to my mind. A real man is respectful of others, a real man stands for and fights for what he believes in. A real man takes care of his family. A real man is responsible, will pay and help for his offsprings education. A real man will guide and help those in need. A real man will extend a helping hand expecting nothing in return. A real man will stand up to anything that puts his family in harms way and prevail. So with that said, if you check all of the above and would like to wear nail polish, than to those who say that real men do not wear nail polish, well, you can prove them wrong. Of course, many women can also claim the same, so I guess the gender lines are blurring, but not because of nail polish, but because men and women are so alike in so many ways. 

Nail Polish on Men it totally wrong.

I think it all a matter of personality and style. It is not wrong for men to use/wear nail polish as it is not wrong for women to use men's razors to remove hair from their legs. Another example would be, women who like to wear big men’s watches, or women who like to accessorize with men’s dog tags. Do those make them less of a woman? No! The only thing is that society in general tends to be more forgiving to women than to men on these issues. But the point here is, what is wrong? Child molesting, murder, stealing, spouse abuse, animal  cruelty, and I can go on and on, but men wearing nail polish? I don’t think so. Again, the way you wear it has a lot to do with how it is perceived. 

Nail Polish for Men is contributing to the blurring the gender lines.

This is a very controversial topic. First and foremost, let's remember we live in the 21st century. The roles of men and women have evolved considerably, as well as their points of view. As a Man, I am all for equality between men and women. If a Woman want’s to pay for dinner, I will gladly accept!. But seriously, the gender lines ARE being blurred, but not because of nail polish or other attitudes or fashion trends, but because of other things that I touch on in the Real MEN do not wear nail polish argument among others. The evolution, industrialization and education toward the respect and understanding of women is what is blurring the gender lines. The fact that many men are being raised by single mothers is also a big contributor to this, most of all because women, as single mothers are the example of a strong person to their children. The other thing that is contributing to the blurring of gender lines, is our ever expanding understanding of what gender is, which is not necessarily tied to sexuality, sex or sexual identity. 

Nail Polish will make you gay

For those who say this, let me say this. Paint, will not change your sexual preference. If you are heterosexual and have your sexual preference well defined, it will not change. I don’t fully understand how gay minds think, but I do know something. I have gay friends and family members that will not wear nail polish. Some women  don’t even like it, and don’t wear it. I personally think wearing nail polish is more of a statement, a fashion style, or an individuality differentiator. Of course there are men, gay or straight that would like to look like a woman for various reasons and wear nail polish as a part of their dress up, but that does not mean that a straight man can’t wear nail polish and NOT LOOK LIKE A WOMAN OR LOOK FEMININE. It all depends on HOW YOU WEAR IT.


Welcome to my blog. First of all I would like to give you a little background of myself. My Name is Gustavo, I am a 49 y/o heterosexual man and a proud father of 3. I have a 21 year old daughter from my first marriage, a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old princess from my current spouse. I am college educated, self employed and work in the IT Industry, giving tech support and doing websites, but I also work in Marketing and Photography, I have my own studio. Why do I give so much background? simply because when I used to search for this topic I always found myself asking “who are these people”? Are they people like me? are they married with children like me? Where do they work? are they office type guys? or self employed like me?

If you came across this blog, is because you probably were searching the web, like I did some time ago, for the topic “MEN WHO WEAR NAIL POLISH” or “MEN WEARING NAIL POLISH” or “NAIL POLISH FOR MEN TREND” , or “IS IT OK FOR MEN WHO WEAR NAIL POLISH?” who knows, my point is, you were probably searching for some excuse or strong evidence that either men should, can, or do wear nail polish. I decided to do this blog because I thought it would help others to live their life to the fullest by maybe helping them  take off their blinders. I would like to point out that these are my personal views on various controversial points surrounding this specific topic, which is “MEN CAN WEAR NAIL POLISH”.  I have done some posts on other websites as replies to other posts and I thought I had done so many, and that I have had such experiences, that I had enough material to post a blog of my own. You are very welcome to post and reply or create some buzz around this, but be warned, there are many things this hot topic can stir up, from politics, to religion, to sexuality and education. So be strong.

I will try to provide answers that are mostly using “common sense and logic” as the main driving force to provide answers.

I will also share my interest in nail polish with who ever wants to receive it. Not like a pro or fanatic, but as I do wear it myself, I like to share my thoughts to the world over the internet and hopefully this will help clear up some questions or give some answers to other people.

How did I start wearing nail polish and why?

I have always liked pampering. I absolutely love a deep massage, I like having facials done and I like having manicures and pedicures done.  The last two, I have been doing for the past 10 years regularly. Some people like to call a man who likes these things a metrosexual, I personally do not like labels. When I first started doing pedicures, I did not wear nail polish. I have been wearing nail polish for the past 5 years and colored nail polish for the past 4. So here is how it all started for me. One day, when I was having a pedicure done, the nail tech asked me If I wanted clear nail “protector” and I said yes. Ah, the word “protector” suckered me in. Like all males, I was programed by society that “polish is for girls”, so most probably if the nail tech had asked me if I wanted “clear nail polish” most surely I would have answered NO immediately.  My feet looked so good clean and shiny, that from that day forward, I always had clear polish applied to my toes. I liked the way my nails were shiny, like any new shiny thing would look. Then, one day talking to a female friend of mine, I saw her nails with a french style manicure and I asked her what was that color called, which she responded “nude with clear topcoat and a white tip”. I liked the way her nails looked, so clean and defined that I thought to myself, “I think I will give that a try”. So the next time I went to have my manicure and pedicure, I told the nail tech to please give me a french manicure and pedicure minus the white tips. So she applied a “baby pink” color to my nails with a clear top coat. From that point forward, I was officially hooked to nail polish. 

This is Sally Hansen's "Unbreakable Heart"
I had been wearing french style nails minus the white tips for some time when I came across a very cool color that I liked from china glaze called “diamond black”, when I saw it, without thinking about it much I reached for it and bought it. Then I applied it to the nails of one of my toes just to see how it looked. I was amazed at how cool my toenails looked in color and how cool my feet looked with colored nails. Then I removed it, and applied the usual baby pink. Not being a regular color wearing person up to that point, It was hard for me to have my nails done by myself, so I though, If they looked so good after being done by me (all out of line) how would they look if a professional nail tech did them?. So my next trip to the salon was with my bottle of nail polish at hand. When the nail tech asked me If I wanted the regular french I immediately pulled out the dark nail polish and she gave me a weird look. She said, are you sure you want this color applied on your toes? So I said YES IT'S NO JOKE! . She went on and applied it on my toes, when she finished, she looked up at me and said “you know something? Your feet look really cool, that color suits you very well”.  That day, I had french applied to my hands, so I wore color on my toes only. When I got home and my wife looked at my feet, she was very upset. She was ok with me wearing clear or french, but somehow, she was not ok with me wearing darks. She even told me,  “you look like an EMO boy and you are 45 years old” “next thing I will see is you wearing it on your hands too” which I immediately responded “NO, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN”. Yeah right, as the saying goes, “never say never”. 

A few days later, I had forgotten that my toenails were colored, and I stepped out in sandals to the local supermarket. When I got back, my wife told me, “did you go out in sandals?”, that’s when it hit me that I had my colored toes exposed for everyone to see and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. No comments, no weird looks from people and no good  compliments either. It was as if I had them with no polish whatsoever. And that's when it hit me, It was not the fact that a man wears nail polish, it is all about how you wear it, how confident you are wearing it, how bold you are and how secure of a person you are. 

Why do I do it? This is the simplest of answers, JUST BECAUSE I LIKE IT. I like the way my hands and feet look when my nails are colored. If you think about it, we all look at our hands and toes much more than we are conscious of, like 95% of the time we spend doing things, we look at ourselves, our bodies, be it our legs, knees, face, hands, feet, etc. heck, I guess the only body part we don’t look at frequently is our backside. Let me give you examples; Driving? We look constantly at our hands. Taking a shower? We look at our feet and hands. Walking? We look at our feet (if you wear sandals of course). Writing checks? Hands, Sunbathing? Feet. Cooking? Hands. I think you get the picture right? So as a personal preference, I like the way my hands and feet look much more with colored nails than with plain unpolished nails. 

A couple of months later, I went to the salon and had the nail tech apply the same color on both my feet and hands. That gave me a sense of empowerment when I did it. Suddenly, I felt different from all the other men around me. I felt sexy in a way, because I discovered Women were paying more attention to me than the other guys around me. Of course not all women, but certainly more than before. And this was not the “attention for the wrong reasons” kind either, It was that feel good, honest and here’s a little boost to your ego attention. I started to receive positive comments like “good for you, I wish my man had the guts to do that”, or “what a really nice color, I wish my feet were as good looking as yours”. I have also received comments like “I like your sense of individuality” and “You pull it off nicely”. Of course, there is the other side of the spectrum too, bad comments will also come from ignorant people, like “are you gay”? or the most stupid of all comments, “you look like a girl” or “nail polish is only for ladies”. What my personal experience has shown me is that it is a 50-50 thing. 50% of people will NOT like it, 50% of people will NOT comment. 50% of people will give you a compliment and 50% of people will bash you or give you “the look”. 50% will consider it NOT NORMAL, and 50% will tell you WHAT EVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. But, the most important thing for me at least, is that I do it for me, not to please others, but to please myself.