Sunday, May 24, 2015

ZOYA Pixie Dust "Arabella"

Last January I discovered I loved glitter. Then came February and I discovered I loved pink on my nails.  March came and I went green. Then on April I went back to pink with a lovely fuchsia from Nubar.
glam nail polish pink nail polish on men
Now for May I had been pondering on getting some glitter again and lo and behold I discovered ZOYA Pixie Dust “Arabella”. It has a wonderful textured finish. There were many firsts for me with this experience. It was my first time trying out ZOYA nail polish. It was my first time trying out textured nail polish. And it was my first time wearing nail polish without a top coat. Turns out wearing this nail polish is something totally different. First of all, you don’t need a base-coat. Just file and prep your nails with some primer. The texture and polish formula adheres to the nail as if you applied a rubberized base-coat. There is also no need for a top coat unless you want a glossy finish which eventually kills the textured effect. I personally do not like crackle textured nail polish finishes, but this texture I absolutely fell in love with.
zoya arabella pixy dust men painting their nails
The textured finish is amazing, just like in the pictures, it resembles and almost feels exactly like the shoe or the ornament in the pictures.

The color is a purple base with saturated bright pink glitter. This is a very intriguing nail polish. You won't grow tired of staring at it, it has a wow factor to it. Pixie dust comes in a variety of colors and I have already picked 5 different shades. I would label “Arabella”  as a “superglam”. It is very hard to dress it down. I mean you can wear it with anything you want, but It screams red carpet, it would be perfect for prom. Just two coats will do just fine for full coverage. 

men painting their nails
It has taken some abuse and the polish stays on. I thought that because of the glitter or the textured finish it would not last me more that 3 days, but It has endured more than 8. I have my nails a little longer than usual and even with a bit longer tips and the regular abuse I give them I am happily surprised that it has lasted so long. I even broke an edge of my thumb nail and it did not affect the polish. it stayed on the rest of the nail flawlessly, no cracking. I will give ZOYA “Arabella” a 5 bottle rating. It is my new favorite. Until next time, Happy polishing!