Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OPI - At your Quebec Night & Call

Fall is here and I have been yearning for some olive greens and some browns to go with the season. I love camouflage pants, and I also like military themes. 

Not a weekend goes by where I am not wearing camo pants, when it’s fall, I wear them with sandals, when it’s winter I wear them with boots, either way, I love the tones of the olive green, brown and black that the green camo has, that way I can paint my nails black or brown shades, but my favorite color has to be olive green.  

I had been looking for an olive green for some time now but did not find any color that blew me away, until now. 
Doing some research for this, I stumbled upon OPI - At your Quebec Night & Call, I only have one word to describe this olive green, WOW! This is an old hard to find color, 2011 if I am not mistaken, luckily I found it on ebay. Since it’s a discontinued color, prices tend to go up sometimes if there is demand for it, and for what I can see, there is demand. Amazon had it as high as $20, I payed $6 for mine but average price was $13. 

This is an olive green base that has a golden shimmer to it.
When direct sunlight hit’s it, you can perceive it more as a metallic golden color with green shimmer, It never looses its olive green tone, but the golden undertones really make it shine outside. When under artificial lighting conditions, the color tends to look more olive not so much metallic but the golden shimmer evens the color. 
OPI - At your quebec night & call is a keeper. I have other polishes with dark green tones but this olive green is just fabulous. Application went on really smooth, three coats did it for me. If you apply it well, it does not even steak. Of course I did a base coat first and topped it of with Seche-Vite for durability and shine. OPI makes wonderful formulas, If I had to rate this polish, I would definitely give it 5 bottles. 

If you like olive greens, this should definitely be in your collection.

Happy Polishing!