Monday, January 26, 2015

Morgan Taylor's "Time to Shine" and L.A. Colors "Blue Lagoon"

I guess it’s a little late, but Happy New Year! Being January still, I think it is in order. Better late than never.

men who paint their nails 2015

Anyway. Something curious happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My 5 y/o daughter, like most 5 year olds, Is a fan of Disney's Frozen.  So I wanted to surprise her doing a Frozen inspired nail color combo. I gave some color combos a thought. Aqua Blue, White and Deep Blue. I also thought about getting some white and silver. I ended up using an old favorite called “Blue Lagoon” from L.A. colors and a previously unknown to me  called “Time to Shine” by Morgan Taylor.  
men theme nail polish frozen disney

I did not want to get too elaborate with nail art, I just wanted it to be enough to get noticed by my daughter and just enough to try to get as close to the Frozen theme. When I finished applying “Time to Shine” I was awestruck. I just discovered that I LOVE GLITTER! Wow! I have to say, I did not get why so much people love glitter, I guess the child in all of us goes into hiding. Now I get it and I am not putting it away. Combining it with “Blue Lagoon” makes it pop even more. I applied it on two nails as accents and I have to say, I just loved the way it looks.

morgan taylor frozen nail polish nail art for men
“Blue lagoon” is my “go to” color when I feel I want to wear a dark blue nail polish shade. It really applies very smoothly, perfect viscosity, great nail brush. Three coats to make it last. When it came to “Time to Shine” I thought that it would be a 4 or 5 coat. Many glitter formulas come in transparent polish so It you want to get full coverage of glitter, it can be tricky. Fortunately, “Time to Shine” comes with a grey-silver base, so I just used the usual 3 coats on top of my base coat. Finished it of with “Seche Vite” top coat and used “Fast Dry” drops from Orly. I encourage you to try glitter on at least one of you nails if you have not done it already. At least you will know if you like it or not. Believe me, it is not the same looking at some one else nails with glitter that looking at your own nails with it. I have become a fan of glitter. Until next time, Happy Polishing!