Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How perceptions change

Hello y'all!
This is my second post this year, since I decided to be more active with this blog., I will keep it short. Yesterday I had a visit from a friend of mine to the house. He comes every other week and we chat a bit about things going on in our lives,  you know, the wife, the kids, the workplace, typical guy stuff. We were talking about some job related things and he suddenly stopped, then he looked at me and said "dude, what's up with the color your wearing".  I told him "what about it" he said "your hands look like a woman's" "you should not be wearing red on your fingernails" and "stick with the dark shaded colors" he even went on to say "try a dark purple".  I immediately replied to him, "look, a while back I remember very accurately that you told me the same thing when you looked at my nails polished with color, and now it is not the fact that their polished, now it's about the color shade?" so he replied: "I was already accustomed to see you with nail polish on your fingers and toes in dark colors, now this?" so I responded "So now your ok with the fact that I polish my fingers and toes, your just not ok with the colors I choose?". And he said, "well, it's your thing isn't it?" to which I replied "EXACTLY!" "I do it for me, not to show it of, when it comes to my style I make my own rules".... and we kept talking about other subjects.