Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Attitude

Hello World! Today I decided to start posting more actively. The reason I started this blog was to create more consciousness about how societies like to put genders in a box and limit what a human being is able or not able to do with his/her appearance, style, behavior, etc. I am a 45 y/o man, have 3 children, and have been married twice, currently married to my lovely wife Iliana. I wear my hairstyle long, I highlight my hair, I like to wear nail polish all the time and both my fingers and toes, and every now and then if my face has a really bad case of rosacea breakout , I wear a little concealer make up to cover it out. I take care of my appearance because I like to look in the mirror and say to myself that I like what I see, when I don't like what I see I try to somehow change or make it better with out going to extremes or loosing my essence, just a bit here and there. One of the other reasons I decided to do the blog was to interact with other people who have similar interests to mine in an open format, so please post your comments, that way I can interact with anyone who chooses to do it with me and in the process I will know I am not just doing this by myself :-)  I will use todays post to show off a nail polish color that I really liked. I purchased this at my local walmart, it is from Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Line, the cap has a #470 and the name of the color is "unbreakable heart". It is a very beautiful color, kind of a metallic candy apple red color. My young 6 y/o tells me it is a "Sith" Color, If you are a Star Wars fan like me, you know exactly what he means. The pictures I am posting are ambient light in the day and direct sunlight on the nails so you can see the shimmer and color as real as it gets.