Saturday, July 27, 2013

CHANEL - 667 - Bel Argus Limited Edition Summer 2013

Continuing with the CHANEL Sumer 2013 Series, this is Bel Argus, a Cobalt Blue that reminds me of a midnight starry summer night sky. There is something about CHANEL nail polish that is different from all the other brands. Aside from the price, which is very steep for nail polish, there is also the exclusivity factor, but it is really “unique” in some way.
Application is buttery, color goes on nicely and though it may seem very thin at first, it really goes on solid with just two coats. This is a relatively fast drying polish. I have worn my fair share of blues over time, but this one has to be by far, until now, the best of them, definitely a keeper for me. 

Like all dark blue’s, you can dress it up or dress it down. Since I “dressed down” the other blue’s I have worn on past postings, this time  I opted to “dress it up” a bit by wearing this polish with silver gladiator sandals and white trousers, a perfect outfit for summer that really make my toes in blue stand out. 

A particular thing I have noticed about CHANEL’s Summer 2013 line is the way they effectively catch the suns rays to “light the color up” when outside, as you can very well see from the pictures. 

When indoors under ambient lighting conditions during the day, the color seems a bit deeper, but still blue, no color change on this one.

When putting it directly under a fluorescent lamp, the color seems a bit more metallic, but I wouldn’t consider this a metallic color.  It is a very nice blue that really comes to life outdoors. 

Over time I have noticed that some nail polish colors are meant to be worn outdoors and other colors are meant to be worn indoor’s under fluorescent lighting conditions. I am personally not very fond of pictures of swatches under the lamp because even though it looks nice, unless you are always indoors and/or carrying a lamp with you, it can be deceiving. If you are a person who spends more time outdoors than indoors, than this color is for you. You will absolutely love how the sun makes this color come to life.