Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chanel Azure (657) Collectors Limited Edition

I was at a local department store last weekend and I walked by the Chanel counter where I saw this shiny bottle of paint that I liked so much I had a double take. When I turned my head slightly upward, I saw this big add for Chanel Nail Polish Summer 2013 colors. I had never seen a color such as this on nail polish, kind of green, kind of blue, the kind of greenish-blue that reminded me of the shallow seas of the Caribbean, like in Cancun or the Bahamas. This polish reflects the sun with a sparkling beauty that you have to see to believe. This is not exactly a holographic polish.  I had never splurged before on nail polish, but I caved in on this one. This is great quality polish, and at $27 a pop, it should be. Although it goes on thin at the first coat, two coats is enough for good overall cover. As always, I apply three coats. Of course, I prepped the nails before that with a good buff on the nail bed, primer and a base coat.
Topped it off with Seche Vite to give me a good two weeks of unchipped wear. Even though this is not a holographic color, I can perceive different shades under different lighting conditions. One thing that amazes me about this polish is the fact that unlike holographic colors, when in low light settings, it is more visible. I am not very much for bright colors, don’t typically like bright orange, yellows or bright greens, but this color seems electric, literally. When typing on my computer with just the light of the monitor hitting my nails, they seem like a blue metalic that seems “lit up”. When looking at them under direct sunlight, they look definitely green, but a greenish hue with sparkling shimmer al over. Sunlight make them more greenish, ambient light and/or fluorescent lighting make them look more blueish.
The less the light, the more metallic they look, kind of like an electric blue. A very nice surprise for me. Highly recommended if you like metallic and bright colors. This is definitely not your “low key” color, it screams at you, but in a very nice way.

If I have to give this Polish a rating, I will give it 5 bottles. It is like having 3 nail colors in one bottle. If you wear this to a night club, I can assure you, it will be the talk of the night. If you wear it to the beach, it will be a nice summer beach color. 

Happy Polishing!