Tuesday, September 11, 2012

men that paint their nails it are “fruits-fruits”, as in their sexuality is of the gay persuasion

Men can wear nail polish if they are BOLD and have a fashion sense. It does not make them gay, transgender, cross-dressers or any other of those things. It also does not put men on a path to any of the before mentioned. Men now a days color their hair, wear piercings, wax their eye brows, wax their body, have manicures and pedicures, have facials done and wear make up, and I am not talking about eyeliner, i am talking about concealer to hide those dark circles under the eyes and lipgloss. I do not agree that doing any of those things makes you less manly, it certainly will make you less macho but not less manly. One thing is certain, NOT ALL MEN CAN WEAR ANY, ALL, OR SOME AT ONE GIVEN TIME AND LOOK GOOD. It is a matter of style, grooming and personality. As a man, you have to have a very secure and strong personality. It should also not be limited to weekends. Women dress up for the workplace also, and that includes nails, why should men not be able to? A man can have beautiful looking hands and also not loose his masculine look even if the fingernails are painted. Masculine looking hands are defined by various things, including and not limited to size, body hair, and nail length and form. If men wear nail polish on fingernails, the color they wear also defines how masculine of feminine the look is. Not all mens fingers look good with nail polish, it depends on the shape of the nails also. if they have extremely short nails due to bitting or extremely round nails, it does not look as good as well taken care of nails there are kind of square, and this applies to both men and women. So yes, men should polish their nails if they so desire, but not all men will pull it off in a style sense. Not all people will agree or like it even if it looks good, but who are they to tell you how to dress or style?