Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Men who wear nail polish loose their manliness, or wearing nail polish is not manly.

Many people tend to confuse what being manly is. They confuse manly, with macho, and masculinity with butch. Masculinity has evolved over time. Constructs of masculinity vary across historical and cultural contexts. The dandy man, for instance, was regarded as an ideal of masculinity in the 19th century, but is considered effeminate by modern standards. But, who sets those standards? Do we really need to “behave”, “dress” and choose our appearance by what others consider to be the norm? I personally think that as long as we don't brake any law, verbally offend someone or attempt against others, we can choose by ourselves if we want to look different and dress or style ourselves as we wish. I think nail polish on men is like a tattoo on women. If the personality suits the person, and the individual wears it well, so be it. So no, wearing paint on your nails, will not make you loose your manliness, in fact, Totally opposite to that, having the guts, character and personality to wear nail polish openly in public, make you more of a man than many other men who would like to but are “afraid” of what people might think or say. Wearing nail polish will definitely not make you look macho, so If you want to look like a man that is very macho, don’t wax, don’t shave, don’t wear nail polish, don’t wear open toe sandals, and definitely don’t wear any clothing with pink, purple or flowers. Oh, and don’t forget to spit. To me, a typical macho man = uneducated, retrograde man, but again it is just M.H.O.