Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nail Polish for Men is contributing to the blurring the gender lines.

This is a very controversial topic. First and foremost, let's remember we live in the 21st century. The roles of men and women have evolved considerably, as well as their points of view. As a Man, I am all for equality between men and women. If a Woman want’s to pay for dinner, I will gladly accept!. But seriously, the gender lines ARE being blurred, but not because of nail polish or other attitudes or fashion trends, but because of other things that I touch on in the Real MEN do not wear nail polish argument among others. The evolution, industrialization and education toward the respect and understanding of women is what is blurring the gender lines. The fact that many men are being raised by single mothers is also a big contributor to this, most of all because women, as single mothers are the example of a strong person to their children. The other thing that is contributing to the blurring of gender lines, is our ever expanding understanding of what gender is, which is not necessarily tied to sexuality, sex or sexual identity.