Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wearing nail polish is just for girls, so men who wear it are gay

So in this line of thinking (things that are typically associated to women), I will have to assume that:

Scotts who wear kilts (mens skirts) are gay
Ancient Romans who wore sarongs and dresses were gay
Japanese Samurai Warriors who wore armored skirts were gay
Mexican Aztec Warriors who wore skirts and painted their faces were gay
Ancient Egyptian men were gay because they also wore skirts and painted their nails and also wore eyeliner
All male actors and anchor newsmen  who wear make up are gay
Chinese kings and upper class who painted their nails were gay
All Men who use chap stick are gay
Hawaii, Samoan and all South Pacific native men who wear skirts are gay
All men with earrings are gay

And I can go on and on....... When I finish the list, I guess only 1% of men WILL NOT BE GAY! 

But seriously, not that being gay is good or bad, being gay is a sexual preference, not a sense of style or fashion. Many people are so confused that they don't even know the difference between the two.